Training, updated

Holy shit. How the hell do people get their pack weight down to 15 pounds? The mind boggles.

Anyway, the hike is becoming more definite. Start date moved up to 2014, woohoo! That’s assuming I continue to have steady work. Money is the limiting factor here. If I hit the lottery, I’m ready to go for 2013. It wouldn’t even have to be a massive lottery hit, either. Are you listening, universe? Are you listening?

So, I’m whittling away at my gear list, and I think I’ve got it pretty solidified now — at least sufficiently solidified that I can do some serious honing and gram-weenying over the next year. Year, boohoo. 😦

I’m working out a training regimen, too. I’m going to try one 22-mile day hike every two weeks (on the AT itself, right around the Hawk Mountain, Eckville, Pinnacle area), and on alternating weeks a regular old hike to either a different section of the AT or to another trail — just something to get the muscles moving and burn some walking calories.

Details to come, eventually.





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