Biggest challenge

My biggest challenge at the moment: trying to remember not to eat while I’m going through my new AT Guide. Trying not to go through it, page by page, with my greasy potato-skin fingers.

Because if it smells like potato-and-bacon deliciousness, I’m going to have to bear bag it. (And if a bear gets hold of it, well… let’s just say I don’t want some random bear following me north and hitting all the same resupply points.)*

*Because bears can read, y’all. They learned it from the deer.

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5 thoughts on “Biggest challenge

  1. Rex Donahoo

    Karma, I watched the deer video, my fear is I will run into this lady on the AT. Amazing she sounded like an educated person and yet WOW.  Thanks, that was funny. BTW very Sherlockian on the greasy fingers/bear/AT guide. See ya out there RR.

  2. Right?! LOL. I wish she were thru-hiking this year. That would be a fun trail conversation, I think. =D

  3. Roger Stallard

    Now that you have brought it up. I sure wish they would
    move ‘falling rock” zones to where there were less rocks. I think
    that would be safer. And, don’t get me started about where they
    stick those ‘steep grade” signs! Now that I think about it, why in
    the world would they put ice on the bridges before the rest of the
    road? Don’t they know it’s dangerous?????

  4. Inchworm

    I just saw a documentary on bear activity in the Smokey Mountains. Remember this….there are 2 bears to every square mile of the the park… no more eating with greasy fingers!!!!!! LOL!

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