From an email

“I’m sorry I’ve been lurking, too. I’m actually going crazy getting ready for an adventure. In a few weeks I’m heading out to backpack the Appalachian trail.

“All I have to do from March through August or September or October is walk: walk and survive the snow in the Smokies, survive the dire heat in the mid-Atlantic, survive the river crossings in Maine and the Vermont mud, survive the bears in New Jersey and the snakes in Pennsylvania and the porcupines in New Hampshire, survive the ticks and mosquitoes and blackflies, survive the White Mountains and the Virginia blues, and keep the ring from Sauron.

“I’ll send you a picture from Katahdin, should I be so lucky. Hopefully Gollum won’t chew off one of my fingers, my preciouses!


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4 thoughts on “From an email

  1. Roger Stallard

    You might want to check out the Elven Cloaks at REI. They are not totally critter resistant and not entirely odor proof but the critters can’t bite you if they can’t see you. Bad news, they only come in one style.

  2. I looked at those, but they all smell like Mordor! I think they were seconds.

  3. All this complaining … about surviving this … and enduring that. You’d think you were being forced into this adventure. Here’s a suggestion … start the hike at Springer, bail out at Neels Gap with some good excuse (I broke a finger nail), and fly back to Philly. You can then visit Prop Blast and me as we eat up the Pennsylvania Rocks! =D Javelin

  4. I’ll leave the broken fingernails to you. I’ll be too busy walking. 🙂

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