T minus 7: Hiker 537?

Took a little walk in the park today—just 8 miles, no big weight. It was more of a warm-up, really. Just something to remind my legs that they’ll be climbing mountains soon. A last chance, more or less, to double-check that the shoes are good.

Am I ever glad I’m starting next week instead of this weekend. Brrrrr! From single-digit chill factors this weekend to chill factors around 30 by midweek. How huge is that? Bless you, March 1 starters.

Speaking of March 1 starters, there are 27 from the White Blaze message board alone. Since more hikers aren’t on White Blaze than are, I imagine there are 50 or 60 starting tomorrow. I did a little number crunching. I’m guessing 200 or 300 have already started hiking. If I had an office and the office had a pool, my money would be on my being… oh… thru-hiker 537 to sign in at the register at the visitor’s center at Amicalola Falls. I hope I win, I hope I win!

Anyway, weather-wise, it’s going to be 60 degrees and sunny in Suches, Georgia, next Friday, when I start the actual Trail. It’ll be chillier up in the mountains, but however it goes, that sounds like a gorgeous way to start.

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5 thoughts on “T minus 7: Hiker 537?

  1. How many pairs of shoes are you bringing? Just the ones you’re wearing? How broken in are they? How many miles will you be walking each day?

    • I’m just bringing the one pair, but I’ve got three more pairs ready to be shoped to me! The pair I’m starting with is fresh–I put about ten miles on ’em just to make sure they’re broken in (they’re trail runners, so they’re pretty soft). As far as mpd goes, I’ll a cor an average of 12 to 15 miles per day, including days off. I’ll probably be doing 8 to 10 in the beginning, up to 20 to 25 in Virginia, then back down to 8 to 10 in NH and Maine. Assuming I get that far! =D

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