T minus 4

What a difference a week makes! This weekend the Springer Mountain chill factors have been in the single digits. I’ve heard rumors that hikers are flocking off trail to wait it out.

But next Thursday and Friday, it’s looking like the weather couldn’t be more perfect. Clear, sunny, up to 60 degrees by day and only down to the mid-thirties to mid-forties at night, with no wind (and hence no wind chill). Springer Mountain Shelter on Friday March 8: 61 degrees by day, 42 degrees by night. Gorgeous. I’ll probably be hiking in shorts. Beautiful crisp nights with a hundred thousand stars. Sunny days that promise spring.



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7 thoughts on “T minus 4

  1. Sounds like a promising way to start the expedition! 🙂 Stay away from those single digit temps!

  2. Karma, you’re using a new type font called “excitement builds” … it’s a complex mix of “can’t wait to get started” “but lets wait a few days for better weather” “but what if the single digits return” “but I’ll be hiking in shorts” “under the stars.”

    This is like planes on a runway awaiting takeoff. It’s difficult for me to focus on my “T-28” until that “T-4” clears the runway!

    Go for it Gal!

  3. Looks nice! Glad it’s warming up 🙂 *still eagerly waiting for late-March*

    • I’m thinking you’ll have good weather. March going out like a lamb! At least, my fingers are crossed for you! 🙂

  4. writer77

    No surprise, as weather conditions can be very harsh on the southern AT at this time of year. See my earlier post regarding weather for more information


    Happy – and safe! – trials to all hikers this season!

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