Housekeeping note 2

A friend who isn’t used to reading blogs asked me a question.

The answer: This is me (Linda, writing as Karma13). All the posts are by me. The only person writing here is me. This web page is basically a handy journal that I happen to be putting online (since paper is too heavy to carry!).

At the bottom of every post, there’s a little link: “Leave a comment.” If you read a post and want to respond, you can click on that and say whatever you’d like (and read other people’s comments). My phone notifies me about every comment, so I’ll see it and try to respond when I have internet service. πŸ™‚ Comments are great. They’re like little conversations from home.

OK, heading out for real this time. More or less.

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5 thoughts on “Housekeeping note 2

  1. Karma,

    It worked! This was my “Housekeeping” test. I successfully changed my Gravatar image from the Rainbow Trout on the Kenai River in Alaska … to the shot of me atop Enchanted Rock. One more little detail out of the way.


  2. Looks good, J! πŸ™‚

  3. Donna

    Relax, enjoy & have a wonderful adventure!

  4. jack

    enjoy your trek,hope to see up around NJ this spring.

  5. Eileen Pieper

    Glad someone else asked the question about how the blog works. Enjoying reading yours. Seems like such a terrific adventure and I’m living vicariously!!

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