T minus 2: Here we go

Well… here we go. The travel day is here. The clock is now officially ticking: Mt. Katahdin closes October 15, and I have a couple hundred ‘one day at a time’ adventures to manage before then. To mix my metaphors, the hourglass has been flipped, and the sands are speeding out.

I’ve got a flurry of stuff to manage before lunchtime, then I’m heading to the train station. The train ride is 11 hours. Looking forward to it! I’ll also meet the first of our tribe of ’13 on the train: Anacondan, who’s been on a train from Montana for the last three days, bless him. That’s two people I’ll know face to face by the time the shuttle drops us off at Springer Mountain. (Hi, Bunny!) Two people already! And I don’t start actually hiking for another three days!

One of the things I’m most excited about is finally getting to meet my fellow 13ers. We’ve been reading one another’s journals and emailing back and forth in this wonderful little web of mutual anticipation and nerves—from Facebook to WhiteBlaze to Trail Journals, it’s our own online support society. I already love you all.

The weather will be perfect, so I’m no longer worried about freezing to death on night 1. I walked up my steps with my full pack on a few dozen times, and I’m not afraid of the Approach Trail stairs anymore.

So… here we go!

Tonight, the train. I might post there, I might not. (That’s sort of the story of my life for the duration of this hike: ‘I might, unless I don’t.’ Playing it all by ear!)

Tomorrow night, the Hiker Hostel.

Migrate safely, class of ’13. See you in Georgia or North Carolina, or at Trail Days, or somewhere!

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6 thoughts on “T minus 2: Here we go

  1. You are my freakin’ hero! I still can’t believe you’re doing this while I am doing nothing but sitting all day at a desk. 🙂

    Happy trails my friend!

  2. Thanks, Erin! Hey, you have time. =D I put it off for as long as humanly possible.

  3. Eve

    Congratulations, Linda! I cannot wait to read about your travails and adventures. We’ll miss you in these parts but spirit will be soaring. – xox

  4. Thanks, Eve! I’ll miss you, too! It’ll be over before we know it. 🙂

  5. Karma,

    I’m living with your every move. Like you, I have multiple “T-days” … Leave Home (3/29 / Approach Trail (4/1) / Step off Springer (4/2) – the REAL “T-day”. I hope to meet your on the Trail … but also cringe as I say that. You’ll have a 26-day lead … to catch up with you, I’ll have to be flyin’ and you’ll have to be crawlin’ … but more importantly, live each 1-day adventure at a time!

    I’ve got an Amtrak App and will be following your trail south … the “blue blip.”


  6. You know what this feels like? Right now, this minute? Like when you’re sitting in a roller coaster, and they’ve just snapped the bar down, and the thing starts ratcheting forward. Slow, and loud, and inexorable, and SO FREAKING EXCITING. =D

    I’m not really sure a 26-day lead means anything. There’s Trail Days, in any event. And all sorts of flip-flopping possibilities once we’re all on the trail and dealing with the everyday.

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