Day 2: Wherein the trail kicks my arse

Last night at Hawk Mountain shelter, I was so freaking cold that I lay shivering all night, fantasizing about buying a 0-degree bag at Neels Gap. Then I woke up late and it took me three hours to get hiking. Three hours, lol. I was the last person to leave the shelter. Ironically, I wasn’t the last one to arrive here at Gooch Mountain shelter. It’s supposed to be wamer tonight, and I’m trying some other tricks to be warmer. There aren’t as many people here tonight. Still a fun crowd.

Oh, and I ran into my friend Bunny, now ‘Milemarker.’

So, the hiking. I hiked mostly alone today. I’d heard that day 1 will make you think you’re OK, then day 2 will get your attention. True! today were the first real mountains. Sassafrass kicked my ass. A mile straight up. Then the second mountain was steeper but shorter.

Saw some army rangers on maneuvers. Their packs were heavier than mine.

Tomorrow should be pretty steady, compared with today. The views are stunning: mountains forever, like a bruised sky through the trees. Nothing in bud yet, but spring is coming!

I’ve lost track of my prehike buddy Ed. If you see this, Ed, hope you’re hanging in there!




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7 thoughts on “Day 2: Wherein the trail kicks my arse

  1. Karma … I’m hiking each step with you … following every contour change in the AT Guide … your struggle up Sassafrass gave me hope … looks like rain for you today … stay well … Javelin

  2. Eve

    Go, Karma, Go! (Awesome stuff this is.) Sending love.

  3. Go Karma!! So glad we at least crossed paths. šŸ™‚
    I’m spending tonight at a hostel in Suches.
    Hike on!!

  4. Peg

    Looks beautiful. I’m with you in spirit and impressed by your determination. Be well.

  5. Dave Sabin

    Just signed onto your blog. Your sister was my wife’s teacher many moons ago. The AT is a dream of mine that will most likely need to wait till I retire, which will be many moons from now. Until then, I hope to live vicariously through you. Im filled with envy and wish you all the luck in the world and all the positive vibes my spirit can muster. May your feet be good to you!

  6. I hope last night was warmer than your first night on the trail.

  7. Janet

    So happy to hear you are all good! Miss you Thursday nights!

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