Day 5: Brutal

Tenting in a downpour at Whitley Gap Shelter

All the days on the trail are hard, at least if you’re old and fat and out of shape. Sometimes it’s just exhausting hard. Sometimes it’s painful hard. But the last three days have been fabulous.

Then came today.

This day has been a metric buttload of horrible from minute one. I actually think it started last night with the scrambling for shelter. I didn’t have time to eat and hang the bear bag, so I just glomped a Cliff bar. This morning I woke up late to a pea-soup fog driven by cold winds that were gusting up to 40 mph. That persisted all freaking day. That’s tough hiking. Visibility was no more than 20 feet, and the mountains were Sassafrassian.

I losf the trail once with a section hiker named Cousin Vinny, and I took my first spill down a muddy embankment. It was long, but it was very nearly vertical. Getting up, I jerked something in my hip. My rainpants tore from ankle to knee.

Now I’m in my tent while fhe rain outside pounds. Even fhough this lovely shelter is a mile off the trail, there are a dozen or so thrus here. The trail was practically empty today—the smart ones took a zero at Neels.

Does this make me want to quit? NO WAY! But that nero at Hiawassee is looking better and better.

BTW… no cell service anywhere today. I’ll probaby end up uploading noirnal entries only every few days, from town. I usually can see comments, though—just can’t respond from roaming.




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5 thoughts on “Day 5: Brutal

  1. Thank you for the pictures. I hope your hip is okay and that you can get your rainpants sew up at your next town stop. You are doing great, really really great.

    • Thanks, Red! I’m just getting caught up with my journaling, and it’s so great to hear from you! I hope you get out on the trail soon.

  2. Hang in there! Doing great.

  3. Red

    I have to heal up from this knee surgery and the muscle atrophy from the tick disease first. I am hoping for 2014! I would like to send you a trail package so do you know where you might be in about ten days or so, that a package could be sent to?

    • Oh, that’s so nice of you! I think in10 days I’ll be in the middle of the Smokies, though. Let me get a better handle on my scheduling, and I’ll try to post some mail drop info. I should be hitting hostels with some frequency.

      You’re so kind!

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