Day 6: Brutal lite, then better

Tenting at Blue Mountain Shelter [mile 50.5]

Last night was a disaster. The wind blew furiously, then the rain finally came. It poured in torrents for 3 or 4 hours… Then the wond started again. Around ) am I realized fhat the wind and freezing rain were coming so hard that they were crushing my tent. My down seemed dry, but everything else in my tent was soaked. “Can it get worse?” I asked. And yes, it could. The down could get wet. So I paked up. It was a rout. Everything was frozen solid, including my tent poles and bear bag.

The frozen fog persisted, along with the outragious wind. All the brambles and twigs were bandaged in ice. Once I got down below 3000 feet elevation, though, it warmed up and the sun was bright. Treated myself to a big cup of coffee at Low Gap Shelter, then went on to surprise myself with my first 12-mile day!

I cant’t take redit, though. I was lured by the siren song of the privy. Look, I’ve spent 50 years perfecting the art of pooping sitting down. If you want to do the trail, forget the practice hikes and stairmaster. Do yourselfp a favor and practice crapping in your tub.

Anyway. Connectivity is still a problem. I managed to see WordPress comments but can’t get enough signal to respond.

Hiawassee soon.





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11 thoughts on “Day 6: Brutal lite, then better

  1. Yikes! The sounds like a really difficult night. Do you mean you hiked when it was still dark?

    I hope you stay warm and dry. Freezing snow and rain is no one’s friend!

    On the bright side, a 12-mile day is brilliant. Great job!

  2. Outstanding response to the situation. Let me know if I can send a care package along the way. If you know where you will be stopping ahead I can send something to hold until you get there. Tell me where and I will find the address. And if there is anything you need especially let me know.

    • I love Red’s suggestion. It’s like the Hunger Games. I want to send you a helpful package…even if it doesn’t arrive via a targeted silver parachute. 🙂

  3. “Practice crapping in your tub” made me laugh out loud!

    I admire you for persisting in light of the terrible weather–you’re my hero!

    • With my sense of balance, I’d likely fall down on the job….and then we’d have a real mess.

      Linda’s my hero, too! I probably would have turned back days ago!

    • Heroes use indoor plumbing! 😉

      • I dunno. In a big way, YOU are living the epic fantasy adventure that most of us only read about.

        Watch out for trolls and pixies along the way. They’re not to be trusted.

  4. perhaps this is why so many thru hikers after finishing their hikes head to southeast asia – you would find the toilets there much like crapping in your tub. stay strong, hike on! 🙂 those crappy weather days on the trail make you relish the perfect days.

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