Day 11: Good news and bad news

Muskrat Creek Shelter [mile 81.4]

What first, the good or the bad? Let’s start with the bad: Today was the first time I actually questioned my ability to do this, physically. Not to do it at all, but to finish in time. I only made it 7 miles today. And all the other people at this shelter started 4 or 5 days after I did, including the retired couple.

That’s the bad news. Today was tough, tough, tough. Out of the old shelter and immediately up. And up. And up. Every time I thought it couldn’t possibly go any higher or steeper, I turned a corner and the trail angled up for another half mile. I mean 45, sometime 50 degrees of pitch. All day.

Bly Gap, I hate you forever! You are NOT our preciouss!

The good news is that I think I know part of the problem. I’m simply not eating enough, and especially not enough protein. I don’t have enough energy to do 15 mile days. I worked on that tonight—ate a big dinner. I’ll get into Franklin in a couple of days, and I’ll change up my meal plan again.

The best news: Today I finished Georgia! YAY! No matter what happens, I’ve done the entire AT in Georgia.

And as I lie here typing, I hear some familiar hikers roll in: Peanut, who camped next to me at Lance Creek, and Hobo who started 3 days before me. Look, the day’s turning up already, just as I’m about to turn in.

Rain tomorrow.



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11 thoughts on “Day 11: Good news and bad news

  1. It is your hike, it really does not matter how fast, it is progress that counts. I am glad you are figuring this out and kicking up the food intake.

  2. Nothing wrong with an excuse to eat more!

  3. writer77

    Not to worry about your mileage; those long-mile days will come. The most significant thing is that you crossed the GA/NC border, what I believe is a key hallmark toward long-term success. Keep your spirits up, your feet in front, and walk whatever pace feels right. 7-10 mile days are not unusual at this stage; maybe as much as 13. Also, you began in plenty of time to make it to Maine.

  4. Shirl

    Loving reading your blog! I see a book in your future!

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