Days 12 and 13: Keep calm and carry on

It’s been two whole days since I updated! You probably didn’t realize this. Last night I came face to face with the first real physical danger of the hike, and updating was not an option.

(Note: When I say something ominous like that, rest assured that the danger’s passed. Everything I post is basically yesterday’s news.)

So anyway. It rained. It poured. All day. It actually started in the middle of the night at Muskrat Creek Shelter. I got up early and packed away my drenched tent, then set off at around 8—before the rest of the shelter dwellers.

I had such a good morning that I almost deleted yesterday’s entry as being too negative. But this is a journal for me, too, and I want to remember the snot and the pain and the grueling relentlessness of it all.

I climbed a 5000-foot mountain with no hesitation, and finally realized the obvious: my breathlessness uphill isn’t a result of my conditioning, it isn’t the food… it’s the altitude! I’ve spent a half-century at sea level, and my body is adjusting to life at 4000 feet. Even the young guys from Florida are having trouble!

Had lunch on top of Indian Gap Mountain with Apple Pie. She’s a triple crowner (AT, CDT, PCT) on her second AT thru. She said her fellow triple crowners call the AT the root canal you have to finish if you want the triple crown. Lol. Also, she gave this advice: When it stops being fun, do short days and hang out with good people.

And on that note, the sun’s gone down and dragged the temperature wih it. In my mesh tent, my fingers are stone. I’ll have to finish this tomorrow from glorious Franklin, NC.

(The guy down below is my friend Hobo in the rain. Potentially the nicest guy on the planet. From Maine.)





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4 thoughts on “Days 12 and 13: Keep calm and carry on

  1. I am so glad you have realized how much you need to adjust to the trail. I am learning so much from your posts and I am grateful you are sharing all this knowledge.

    • You know what? The trail feels so female to me! Almost palpable. I keep feeling like if I get out of her way, she’ll take care of everything.

  2. Kelsie

    I’m really enjoying your updates. Keep up the good work.

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