Day 15: This and that

Franklin: Two things they love here: hikers and Jesus! I think this must be the Christian bookstore capitol of the world! And there are hiker discounts, free shuttles, hiker deals all over the place. Around the trail, hiking is big business.

Gear: Bought heavier gloves at the excellent outfitter here. They also drove me back to the hotel. Thank you! I also picked up a few other things: new water treatment, socks, toilet paper. For resupply, I wish I’d started at Big K-mart instead of Ingles. I probably would have saved ten bucks.

Injury report: I’m happy to report that I’ve been lucky. No injuries. One tiny blister on day 3 that went away. I have a little tightness in one Achilles on the uphills, but I’ll stretch it. Other people haven’t been as lucky. I was talking to a hiker today who had to have medical attention to her knee yesterday: fluid drained, shots, pain relievers. She’s still hiking, though!

Heading out tomorrow! Looks cold tomorrow night, then a little warmer but rainy. The next few weeks will be weird, in terms of connectivity. I’m not sure where I’ll be able to get a phone charge. I’ll probably have to save up the updates and post them in a bunch again.

Happy spring, y’all! 🙂 And happy trails.

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8 thoughts on “Day 15: This and that

  1. beckyb13

    Was that Terri of TNTonthetrail who you met up with and had to have the shots for her knee? I’m following their journal but they don’t update daily so have been worried about her!! Sounds like you are having an amazing time. I love Franklin, NC.

    • Franklin’s a great town! I’m not sure if that hiker was Terri. She told me her trail name, but I’m spacing out on it at the moment. I blame the sudden influx of calories from town food.

  2. Great work on staying healthly and relatively injury free! And I am glad you are not on the trail tonight.

  3. Janet

    What an unbelievable journey to this point. I am so awed of your perserverence! Your rock solid “girls” are all with you.

  4. Ginny Henninger

    Hi Love: John gave me this link last night. Just read all your entries. Sounds remarkable. Stay well and be careful. Love.

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