Day 16: Tell the truth but tell it slant

Wayah Bald Shelter [mile 120.8]

This was a long day! Got a shuttle to the trail from Ron Haven, the king trail angel in these parts. He’s a phenomenal cheerleader, loud and exuberant and genuine. He regaled the busload of is woth a summary of what to expect for the next hundred miles. I still have no clue, though!

The walking should have been easier today—lots of ups and downs, but mostly easy terrain, dirt and dead leaves. But either the town stop deconditioned me or I oversupplied in Franklin, because I felt every single step of those twelve miles!

The bughlight was my first two balds—great treeless peaks blanketed in brown winter grass. I acccidentally lost the grakl and climbed to the top of Siler Bald by mistake. A grueling climb, but what a reward: 360 devrees of magnificent mountains, layer on layer on layer to infinity.

Now I’m at the shelter. Hobo and the Postman and two young guys are here, too. Thw crowds have thinned, and some hikers are staying in Franklin. We’ll have rain or snow tonight—probably my coldest night yet, but I’m snug in my down. Spring won’t arrive for another week or two. I have to say, I’m ready!

And I might even have internet service! That’s weird.





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5 thoughts on “Day 16: Tell the truth but tell it slant

  1. Really glad you are warm and able to update us. Lots of hikers are off the trail tonight because of the weather. It has to break soon and you will be rewarded with a few weeks of mild temperatures. You will be conditioned for it.

  2. You’re doing a great job!

    I’ve been so stressed out that last few days that all I can do is read your posts (without having time to respond) and think, “Damn, if Karma can do that, I can do this.”

    You go girl!

    Much love to you. Take care out there. It’s wonderful to hear about the miles passing by beneath your feet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Marge

    I love every word, every picture, all the stories. What awesome folks! Thank you, sista! xo

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