Day 22: Frozen shoes and Jacob’s ladder

Tenting at Cody’s Gap [mile 156]

When I woke up, my shoes were frozen! Also my water.

Just a brief update today, since I happen to have internet. My hands are currently freezing!

The day was cold and blustery—perfect for… you know. February .

The walking was your basic AT and down, except for one memorable climb—this peak called Jacob’s ladder just outside of Stecoah Gap. The mountain was nealy vertical, with short switchbacks that would look like a ladder if viewed from a plane. I cursed that mountain! In fact, the only way I got to the top was to promise it I was going to pee on it when I gpt to the top. Which, by the way, I totally forgot to do.

I was too whipped from the cold and the climb to get all the way to the next shelter, so I’m camping at one of the in-between places in the guidebook. A couple of other hikers are here. I call these ‘unofficial’ campsites refugee camps—little tent cities that spring up from nowhere.

Anyway, it’s freezing again, and windy. Tonight should be the last bitter one, I think. And tomorrow, 9 miles into Fontana. I’ll stay there Saturday, and head into the Smokies in Sunday!

Cotta get an early s



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10 thoughts on “Day 22: Frozen shoes and Jacob’s ladder

  1. OMG. The weather is not too bad here. It’s gotta get better for you soon! I was thinking that you said your hike was gonna be 6 months or maybe 3 days. Well, you’ve gone past 3 days! BTW .. I was complaining to someone about my IPhone 5 battery life. Apparently, you are doing Ok with yours? Anyway, this person suggested that I disable LTE (settings, general, enable LTE off). Then you just go on 4G. Might save you some battery time.

    • Thanks for that tip! I do have LTE disabled. So far, I’ve been OK with the battery. I think the next stretch (the Smokies) will be the longest sothout a charge. Fingers crossed!

  2. I have a feeling that you’re almost over the hump. I think the weather is going to start getting better. Soon you’ll be hiking on perfect spring days. I can’t wait to read your post that says, “Today was a perfect weather day!”

  3. Yes, time is on your side, and this weather will soon be a memory and stories to tell.

  4. Marge

    I hope you will soon see some warmer weather. Are their buds on trees? (Under the snowy branches!). Can you hear birds? Your next winter back here, will be soooo nothing for you, no matter what we get!! Boring! The snow, freezing cold and blustery winds are laying your foundation for a much more enjoyable spring. Love you

  5. Glenn

    I hit that climb on Friday, March 29 in the rain/wet snow. I didn’t forget to mark my territory at the top. Felt the same way as you did about that climb. Good luck with the rest of your hike. Mine was a 4-day section and now I’m back to reality and jealous of the thrus still out there.

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