Day 44: Plague

Maybe not HHN. Woke up with an upset stomach and managed to grab a ziplock before puking. Puked all night and had diarrhea this morning. Quaker and Postman gave me some water. The water source is a mile away, uphill. Can’t make it today. It’s supposed to rain. Gotta sleep it off. This is where hiking alone sucks.

Tennessee is not my best friend.

Update: I drank Quaker’s water by 8:30 AM and seemed to keep it more or less inside. I was down to 24 ounces, which just wasn’t going to get me through 24+ hours. The weather was overcast, on and off, but not raining. If I was going to be holed up with the plague, I needed it to be in a place with a privy and a water source.

Hardest thing I ever did was pack up that camp and carry that weight up the hill, sick and dehydrated and without any calories in my system. I’m here, though! In my tent at the shelter, far away from other hikers but close to the privy. Trying to rehydrate in small swallows every fifteen minutes. I have a vicious headache, but I think the worst of it has passed.

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11 thoughts on “Day 44: Plague

  1. Dale

    Hope you start to feel better. Keep on keep’ en on!!!!

  2. Feel Better!

  3. Stay strong. This stuff is ugly, but so far, everybody’s survived! Sisu’14

    • If it doesn’t kill is, it makes us stronger! Or gives us a good story, anyway. 😉

      • You’ve made your story very compelling. I jump for joy when you post. OBTW, I shared on Facebook today. Most of my friends write professionally for a living as journalists, academics, or PR/marketing folk. Comments so far have been GR8.. Hope you get some more followers out of it.

      • Oh, that was nice of you! I hope they like disgusting hiking stories! 🙂

      • You make the disgusting funny, ironic and self-deprecating. Hike on and stay strong. You’ve got a food book in this.

  4. janetg96

    I feel so badly for you! I hope you feel well quickly.

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