Got one vote for bigger photos and one vote for OK as is.

Testing a bigger photo


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22 thoughts on “Testing

  1. GR8! Now I can read the tombstone.

  2. Mary Aikens

    With the bigger photo I could read the words, I couldn’t with the smaller one even when I expanded it

  3. Shari wb

    The pics were ok as was!

  4. Derek Vreeland

    Bigger is better! If it is all the same for you in terms of uploading the pics to your blog, I vote for bigger pictures.

  5. Bigger is better. Or how about medium to satisfy all!

    • The old way was medium! =D

      I’m moving to large. If it’s taking too long to load or if it’s obnoxious, people will tell me and I’ll change it back.

  6. Red

    I enlarge the pictures when I look at them, so whatever is easier.

  7. Another for the larger size; especially if there is detail to be noticed, such as the words. Makes a big difference for old eyes!

  8. jim beauchamp


  9. Janet

    i like the bigger pictures too. Happy to hear you are getting a “warm break”.

    • It was 35 in town last night, so probably 25 up in the mountains. A good night to be indoors!

      Heading out shortly. Virginia in under two weeks!

  10. Beth

    HUGE! SCARY BIG! I like it. Happy, safe, healthy, hiking prayers being sent your way.
    Still following…. Beth

  11. Marge

    Just happy you are able to take pics! Excited to see what the next ones will be, along with their stories! Go Karma! Be of service!

  12. Donna

    Cheering you on. Praying for nice, safe & healthy hiking days ahead!

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