Plant identification

Does anybody know what these plants are? They’ve been everywhere in all four states. I think they’re slightly creepy and triffid-like. But nobody knows what they are! It’s a mystery.



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16 thoughts on “Plant identification

  1. Bill G.

    Mayapples? “Podophyllum peltatum”

  2. Marge

    Your 2nd pic looks like the 101st Airbourne Division landing on the AT!! No? Cheating on you reading Wild. Do you feel like you are truly living in the wild? Do you feel like you are 1 with everything? Love u and love witnessing, via your blog, how you are changing daily, as you go from one adventure to the next, sharing your thoughts.

    • I heard Wild is a great book!

      I’m so glad you’re along for the ride! πŸ™‚ Miss everybody, though.

  3. According Google, those are May Apples. Source:

  4. Marge

    They don’t use trail names, Tey have , or had , very few shelters, but this is written in 1999, I believe. They talk a little bit about the AT. Glad you had some company for a few days. Maybe you’ll be able to do a little more of that, when it gets warmer?

    • I think I could have all the company I want, if only I could keep up with them! =D But the weather might change everything, you’re right. You just never know out here.

    • I think they’re using trail names now, according to some hikers I’ve talked to. So many people have done both that they’re carrying their trail names cross country. I hear there still aren’t many shelters, though.

  5. Colleen Koos

    Hello I’m a friend of Anne p for 23 years.thay are “May Apples” enjoying your hike with you

  6. janetg96

    Pflug said its May Apple. Looking good my friend!

  7. Bill

    Karma keep plugging.

  8. Yep those are May Apples, we have them here in MIssouri. They have edible fruit but the squrrials always get them here.

    I have told several people about your blog and you have become part of our everyday conversation. So many are enjoying your trip, thanks once again for sharing.

    This week I got laid up due to an accident that broke my femur above my knee replacement and talked at length about your trip and how inspirational you were with my therapists.

    I am enjoying getting caught up on the days I was totally out of it.
    You are an amazon!

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