Day 74: Taking it easy

Pearisburg. I see why there’s no outfitter; there’s hardly a town! Pearisburg seeems to be mostly a cluster of houses and small businesses dotting the hills around a couple of highways. Two traffic lights, I think. There’s no diner or anyplace to get coffee. Oooh, there’s a Hardees. Fast food coffee!

I hear there’s a Rite Aid. I’ll look for that in a bit. Also, there’s a Mexican Grill across the street. Fajitas tonight! I swear, if my body saw a vegetable right now, it’d have no idea what to do with it.

Hey, if anybody’s following other hikers’ journals and sees a report about bedbugs or other lodging issues, I’d be greatly appreciative if you could drop a comment about it. I get email notifications of those, whereas I haven’t been able to follow TJ or even WhiteBlaze while I’m actually hiking. I’d hate to be in bed catching up on a zero and find out that the bed I’m cozying up in happens to be in a place where other hikers have found nasties. Yuck!

Also, owing to my recent happy spate of internet connectivity on the trail, I’m in town but have no surfing to take care of. Joy! Speaking of which, there’s a hiker carrying a full laptop and a 2-pound solar panel on his back. Trail name: Tech. How cool is that? I saw him once, when he passed me. He’s probably in New York by now.

My feet are happy with the healing time I’m forcing them to take. Doing 12 to 15 (19!) miles over rough terrain for relentless days on end causes all sorts of little injuries, and I’m finding it all adds up. All the hundred daily stubbed toes and rolled ankles and twisted knees and jerked hips and rock-chewed soles. No pain, no Maine!

I spotted two other hikers on their way out of town. We’ve been leapfrogging over the past few days. I didn’t catch their trail names because the first time I met them, I was walking down the trail as usual and stumbled onto them skinny-dipping in a creek. Well… she was skinny-dipping, from the waist up. Which doesn’t bother me at all, but I thought it might have been a little awkward for her, being unexpectedly seen, which made me fumblish. If you look up the word smooth in the dictionary, my picture is nowhere near it. Anyway, we’ve passed one another enough that the awkwardness was pretty much worn off. And now they’re two days ahead, and it’ll be time to develop all sorts of new socially awkward encounters with strangers! 🙂







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10 thoughts on “Day 74: Taking it easy

  1. Ginny Henninger

    So glad you’re getting a rest. Your next post concerning a disaster gave me a fright. I just didn’t read it right – that it was in Damascas. Now I suppose you’re glad you didn’t go. Usually the decisions we make are for the best. Love.

    • I’m SO GLAD I didn’t go! The reports are all over the place about how many injuries. I hope everybody’s OK!

  2. I am reading every post….even if not always responding. Things have been a bit busy lately, but reading your posts is like taking a mini mental journey that’s far away from my daily life and work. Thank you!

    I’m so glad you’ve had a string of days to dry out and that some of the trees are beginning to leave. 😉

    I need to find a link to the towns along the trail. I’m going to look now.

  3. And if you make it to PA, you’re definitely gonna see some of us!

  4. Donna

    I’m with Anne…we may need a bus!! Glad to hear your safe and the weather is getting much better. (it’s been hot and icky humid here) Be well my friend (hugs)

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