Stopped briefly in a gas station for a breakfast sammie. Yum! Found an internet spot and got reasonably caught up, but now it’s back into the wild and no connectivity.

FYI, I’ve responded to every single comment, but I think sometimes the replies don’t show up. I can check in town, but not in the wild. If you didn’t see a response, thank you for the comment! =D

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9 thoughts on “PSA

  1. Hang in there! I like your new plan. It’s pragmatic.

    One observation I’ve made so far in following your class, is that hikers who happen to team up for long stretches seem to enjoy more success. Moreover, diverse demographic mixes seem to be a factor as well.

    There’s a group of youngish guys centered on Morris the Cat and Stupid. Chin Music is in his mid to late 50s and newly retired has teamed with B-Rocket who’s in her 20s. Conversely, Lady Gray who is a high school counselor who appears to be around 50, has teamed with three younger guys. Then there’s Hobo and Trouble among others. In their respective journals, they describe a symbiosis that seems to form and work for them.

    I’m hoping you’ll find a good team mate along the trail who shares your pace, motivation, and who can help keep your spirits high.

    • I would LOVE that! After 700 miles, though, I haven’t met my match for slowness. =D

      • Seven hundred miles!

        I’ll admit something. I have severe nerve damage from an accident in my right foot and ankle. Consequentially, I may set the record for slowness. Calling me a turtle would be overly optimistic. Slothish may be more like it in terms of pacing, though attitudinally I am anything but.

        If you want to break a big rock into little rocks, you have to keep hammering.


      • Right! One step at a time! 🙂

    • Blackbird

      “There’s a group of youngish guys centered on Morris the Cat and Stupid.”
      Morris and Stupid are the same person, near as I can tell. They/he left trail at Damascus.

  2. Blackbird

    You’re getting the integration thing going on now. The trail teaches every day.
    For the ticks, definitely get some permethrin on your hiking clothes, pack and outside of tent.
    Ask for it at the next outfitter. Keeps them OFF you and your stuff, but still do you regular checks.
    I can personally vouch for permethrin’s effectiveness through the nastiest summer hiking.
    Enjoy this magnificent weather!

  3. Blackbird

    “Keeps them OFF you and your stuff, but still do you regular checks.”
    Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Keeps them off your stuff is a better way of putting it. You know what I mean!

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