It’s been raining like crazy for days, and I’ve had no internet for a week. Phone battery is low, but I should be hitting Rockfish Gap and Waynesboro on Tuesday morning. I’m radio silent until I’m ensconced.

What a week. Did somebody say tropical storm? That explains a LOT. I’ve been tenting in it. Hadn’t seen a weather report. I thought it was just… wet. Can’t wait to fill you in, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.

All’s well. It’s raining. 😉

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19 thoughts on “PSA

  1. jim beauchamp

    We’ve worried! What a relief to see word from you! Tough or no, the important thing is to know you are okay.

  2. Ginny Henninger

    Good to hear you’re ok. Look forward to your posts next week.

  3. Glad you popped up in my email. Carry on!

  4. Peg

    I was getting worried. I’ll be looking forward to your next post.

  5. Marge

    Well howdy doo, Karma! Make my week. Keep swimming forward! Breathe!! xoxo

  6. Mary Aikens

    I was so worried you were off the trail, glad to know you are still hiking onward!! Looking forward to your next posts!

  7. Red

    Glad to hear from you, thanks for the update.

  8. Was wondering about the silence, glad to hear you are still moving north.

    • It’s astonishing that there are these huge pockets of woods with no phone service at all, and no internet. It’s good and it’s bad (for an internet addict). 😉

  9. I’m slow … but I eventually get there. You’re “PSAs” were confusing me but I knew you were giving us a “heads up.” Having fought my battle with prostate cancer two summers ago, “PSA” has a special meaning to me. But I finally caught on … Public Service Announcement!

    The season’s first tropical storm (Andrea) formed over the Gulf of Mexico last Thursday, moved east through Florida, and then headed up the east coast. It’s effect still being felt …

    Looking forward to getting caught up from Waynesboro …

  10. Donna

    So happy for your update; glad u r OK. Recharge and dry out.

  11. Kelsie

    Glad you’re okay! Try to stay dry!

  12. Mary Miller

    Glad to hear from you since I was beginning to be concerned. Maybe I missed it but you usually tell us when you know you’ll be without service/power. A week seems quite long not to have a posting. Stay safe, Linda

    • I try to mention that I’ll be without service when I think it’s likely, but this one took me by surprise! I thought I was out of the deep woods! I wonder how thw Shenandoahs are going to be? They’re next!

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