Day 98: Weather

Waynesboro… or, as I like to call it, Wayne’s World

Keeping an eye on the weather. The forecast varies from service to service. Accuweather has the most generous: a 50% chance of thunderstorms from 12 to 2 tomorrow afternoon, and otherwise clear. The weather channel is a bit more dire. I’ve never heard of a derecho before; apparently it’s a tornado without the funnel. No, Big Agnes Platinum (my tent) is way too lightweight for that. The weight is excellent, but in the wind it takes on water where a regular Flycreek won’t (the bathtub floor is shallower).

–Post office. I’m going to bite the bullet and send my puffy clothes home. Have to wrap them up somehow; they’re likely to be sitting on a porch in a storm.
–Resupply. The major food trip.
–Permethrin the pack and tent.
–Play with shoes and insoles.

I have to master the art of getting into town, running errands, and not staying. So far that’s the thing that’s killing my schedule. That’s one area where I think I would have done best with a mentor: see how they do it, so I know how it’s done. I’m kind of a visual learner, despite my penchant for research. And yes, it seems like an obvious thing; but like most things out here, what seems obvious from the couch turns out to be a different animal when you go to apply it.

Aside: It kind of kills me to hear Thomas Dolby over the Kroger supermarket loudspeakers. Any 80s stuff, really. It used to be so cutting edge! And now it’s muzak! I think I’ll die a little if the Thompson Twins come next.

Aside redux: The Thompson Twins didn’t come next, so I remain alive.

Adjacent aside: My innkeeper has a perfect anime face. When she smiles, her eyes crinkle into little n’s. n.n

Yet another aside: Things normal people don’t do: Take their grocery cart outside and stand near the trash can, opening all the packages and throwing out the boxes. And dumping the unpackaged stuff into a giant backpack, willy nilly. While people stare and carefully step away. I hope I remember not to do that when I get home.

Mutant twin brother of the previous aside: I’m trying the dryer sheets thing. They’re supposed to keep bugs away. I’m not sold. And I don’t know how to prove it, really. You can’t prove a negative! I guess it boils down to ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ versus ‘beyond all doubt.’ Yeah, I had to serve on a federal jury once. The guy was guilty as hell, but we had to let him off because the state just couldn’t prove it. I wonder if that guy ever tried dryer sheets?

Juxtaposition: Well, I know now why my tent footprint stinks like a mildewed bucket of fish. I just found about a pound of dead worms stuck to the bottom, rotting. That’s what you get, you damn stowaways. I carried your ass! You probably weighed at least 20 grams each!

Confession time again: I… don’t really like chocolate. It’s OK. I don’t dislike it. But if I never saw another piece of chocolate, I might not even notice. And when I say that out loud to people, they look at me in utter astonishment—which seems to me like a giant overreaction. πŸ˜‰ It’s just a taste, just like lima beans or cheddar cheese or root beer. All of which I like infinitely better than chocolate.

Peas, on the other hand, are Satan.

Food: After my orgiastic grocery trip, I added up my calories per day and only reached 2200. Jeez. So I trundled myself back out and picked up another 800 per day. I want 3000. My pack now holds pretty much nothing but my sleep stuff, tent, and food. At least as far as big gear goes.

This completely stream-of-consciousness update brought to you courtesy of the grape leaves and falafel I’m about to chow down on. Opa!






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18 thoughts on “Day 98: Weather

  1. Try adding more olive oil to your trail recipes to help punch up the calories.


    • I did carry olive oil for a while, and it was great. But now I’m stoveless, and it doesn’t really work so well.

  2. Mary Aikens

    Karma, I noticed your shoes in another post, this time I must ask…. what shoes are you hiking in, they have an antique look to them? :). Food is going to be my biggest challenge when I’m on the AT next year. I plan to go stove less too, so I’m gonna pick your brain once you have completed your hike. I’m wondering how you’ve gotten your calories up to 3000/day??

    • My shoes are actual bronze; cuts down on rock injuries, lol.

      I’ve tried a bunch of food combos. This is where I am now. Three Breakfast Essentials and a cocoa pack plus two bars (currently Nutrigrain, but sometimes Cliff or Fiber One) for breakfast. Snacks all day: trail mix. I eat a handful every half hour. I used to mix it all together, but mow I’m keeping the components separate—eg, this time I have pistachios and macadamias and cashews, which I’ll eat sequentially rather than combining them. Gives variety. Lunch: I’ve tried a bunch of bread staples and hate them. Now I’m using artisan rolls for says 1 and 2, then spinach wraps. For filling, cheese. Good hard cheese like Asiago or Romano keeps a week (but is stinky, so I’m careful with the packaging). Bean dip and hot sauce for flavor. Dinner: tuna, jerky, Hormel chili. With ramen noodles, eaten cold (tastes like crackers) or soaked in room-temperature water; they puff up just fine. Also Triscuits hold up well and have calories. So do Melba snacks. Pita chips would probably hold up. Then… candy. It can’t be helped. And dollar store goldfish cracker packs. For a treat, some animal crackers.

      Email me any time! πŸ˜‰

  3. Marge

    You are pretty funny, Karma. You should take your show on the road. What?

  4. Peas Are Satan!

    That’s my favorite quote of the day. πŸ™‚

    …and I don’t really like chocolate either…but I’ll still eat it if it’s out.

    What about Lifesavers (no pun intended)? A roll isn’t all that heavy and the little sugar boost might help…if only to boost your spirits as your knocking the miles away beneath your fee.

    • I thought about Lifesavers! But I have NO self-control. I can’t conserve that stuff. Same for TicTacs, and little ten-packs of candy bars. Any of that would be eaten on day 1.

  5. Blackbird

    Get RID of those shoes asap.
    Permethrin will be your friend.
    That heat I mentioned? Yeah, it’s heeeeeere.
    (Wait for the cold front and watch the atmosphere ignite!)
    More food is good.

    Walking is for suckers!

    • New shoes will be on the way shortly!

      Half of me hopes the weather sucks, so I can justify my laziness. πŸ˜‰

  6. rstutts

    Loved this post! (I love all of them, but something about this one I loved even more.) Your confession about chocolate fascinates me! Much to my own surprise, I have become less interested in milk chocolate and most sweets of late (which would also surprise everyone who’s ever known me), but I have developed a taste for dark chocolate, which I never thought I’d ever say. Like you, I have no self control, so I’ll still gorge on everything if it’s in the house, but I don’t enjoy it like I used to. Getting older is weird.

    • I’ll still binge hard on non-chocolate sugar. But I find myself passing up M&Ms with greater frequency. πŸ˜‰

  7. Catherine

    Following you religiously, admiring you enormously, missing you awfully, pictures are breathtaking, rock on, love Catherine

  8. Catherine


    • OMG. That’s excellent! Excellent!! Congratulations! Give yourself a big hug for me! I’m so proud of you!

  9. You don’t like chocolate? Omg!

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