Day 99: The calm before

Wayne’s World, one last time

Each of these little trail towns has had its own distinct character. It seems to me that I could never be in Damascus and think I was in Hot Springs. (The names of the towns are a different story, but that has more to do with my increasingly overloaded mental RAM than with the towns themselves. I’m waiting for the wetware app that lets me upload some of the more useless brain data to the cloud. Or just delete it and be done with it.)

Waynesboro feels a little more like money—at least, this part of it. Big houses, perfect gardens. The downtown area has a Greek place, an Italian place, a veggie coffee shop, along with the usual dollar stores and laundromats. I think it’s the size. Earlier the towns had populations of 900, 1000; Waynesboro has 14,000. Big enough to start seeing a little differentiation.

It’s raining a little, rumbling a little. Not a tornado, but I wouldn’t want to be hiking in it anyway. Heavier weather’s due a bit later.

I’m going through my gear and looking to strip some grams. The pack is heavy. So heavy! Coming into town, it’s light as a bushel of tin feathers. On the way out, it’s full of lead elephants. It’ll hardly close; I can’t get my cup inside.

What can you do? Just shut up and walk. 😉

Heading out in the morning. I’m assuming internet access will be limited or nonexistent for a couple of weeks.

Talk to you soon!

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13 thoughts on “Day 99: The calm before

  1. Ginny Henninger

    Have fun. Be careful.

  2. Bill G.

    Safe Travels…..try to only pick up bruises that make you look tough.

  3. Marge

    Ok! Go on wit your bad self! Have some fun and keep inspiring w/ your pics and words! LY

  4. Beth

    Be safe and tell day 2 out to kiss your fierce hiking ass.

  5. shari wb

    Hi! I’ve been reading but no time to comment for a few weeks. I’m still here working this one hike at a time vicariously though you… Glad you are taking time to enjoy the town and to relax.

  6. So loving your posts! Courageous you!

  7. Blackbird

    HIking Race Mountain in CT just before sunset night before last I got a nice big bruise on my upper arm from a pie tree that reached right out and punched me as a pinballed my way up the summit ridge on the slabs. I looked down and didn’t see any blood and my shirt wasn’t torn, so it wasn’t worth stopping. Yo, ho-ho, a brawny bunch are we, we merry band of AT hikers! Might lose five toenails in a month or so, though, so there’s that. Embrace the brutality… 🙂

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