New plan!

Plans are now in motion!

I’m leaving Harpers Ferry on Sunday and spending a week at home.

I reserved shelter space at Katahdin on July 15. I’ll spend next week working out the rest of the logistics.

Heading southbound, baby! Watch this space!

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25 thoughts on “New plan!

  1. Louise of bethel

    Hey Linda, hope to see you while you are home. Last year visited Baxter state park but didn’t get to katahdin cuz it was late in season(10/14) and it was snowing. Happy Trails.

  2. Derek Vreeland

    Yea! I think the rest at home will do you good. It is a well-earned break! I am glad your adventure will continue SOBO. I can’t wait to follow the next leg of your journey.

  3. Indiana Bill G.

    Sounds like an excellent idea and congratulations in advance on 1000!!
    So the Karaoke guitar man what genre of music is he debauching?

  4. Ginny Henninger

    Good idea! Have a good rest.

  5. Maine is beautiful! I think you will really enjoy it. Lonely lakes, beautiful summits and exciting trail…plus you get the best of both worlds, nobo and sobo 🙂 Enjoy your rest at home too!

  6. The Postman

    What an excellent idea! Who knows, perhaps we will cross paths once again in late fall.

  7. Marge

    P and I will be in Ohio from Sun til Fri, so I’ll probably miss your SOBO self!! Good plan! Congrats on all those NOBO miles. LY

  8. Kelsie

    Good fro you! Enjoy your rest. Happy to hear your adventure will be continuing.

  9. Shari WB


  10. A little reprive so you can see family and peeps! YES!

  11. Hope to see you. Keep us posted on Facebook as to your whereabouts. 🙂

  12. jack

    Excellent! See see you when you get to NJ

  13. Donna

    See you Thu… Can”t wait!!!

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