This is completely overwhelming, yet again. More later. In brief: This is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife, and all my rituals and habits have fled. I almost cried in the grocery store, but I realize that’s just exhaustion. I forget how to type on a keyboard. I seem to be able to drive, still (although my car is making a horrible noise and needs service this week).

I forgot how to turn on my computer. I can’t remember where things are or where they go. When I left this strange place, it was set up for winter… and it still is. I can’t find any clothes that fit me.

But eff it. There are four potatoes baking in the oven, and I have 2 pints of sour cream, 10 Greek yogurts, and a pound of Starbucks. I renewed my Netflix for a week. I have a fan somewhere to take the edge off the heat.

Like Gloria Gaynor said, I will survive. And I’ll enjoy it whether I like it or not! ;D

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10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Shari wb

    Wow. I never thought about this angle of returning home. Your survival strategies don’t work here. No poison ivy to roll into while sleeping no rattle snakes… A solid roof…

    Well. Welcome home! 🙂

  2. So you go for a walk in the woods for a few months and you need to be retrained. I’ve worked with people that we wouldn’t let take coffee breaks because we would have to retrain them. You’re doing fine,


  3. jack

    God bless you! Enjoy your down time&treat yourself to some much deserved comforts.

  4. Blackbird

    It’s weird isn’t it? When I got home the first time, I woke up in bed not knowing where I was, and that happened at least several times. Houses, hot and cold clean water on demand, stoves, toilets, air conditioning, refrigerators, these are all amazing, amazing inventions! Super duper shelters! It was, for me, wonderful to be so alienated from things so taken for granted. One gallon of gasoline takes you and your junk 20 miles in whatever direction you can find a road to go on. Crazy miracle, that is. It borders on time travel. Enjoy!

  5. It is, it’s totally weird! It’s almost psychedelic, lol.

    For some things, my brain and reflexes seem to have gone to an earlier restore point. Like driving… I’ve been driving an automatic for 2 years after having had only manual transmissions for 30 years. And when I went to drive yesterday and today, my hand was fumbling for the gear shift and my foot was looking for the clutch, just as though those 2 years had never happened.

    It’s so interesting!

    Also, using a full-size toothbrush feels odd as hell. ;D

  6. Oh so glad to see you! Am looking to !!!!!Thursday night

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