Springer Mountain

Springer Mountain, March 7, 2013.


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8 thoughts on “Springer Mountain

  1. Ginny Henninger


  2. You have come a very long way. Physically, emotionally, and perhaps even spiritually. You know what you can do, what is in you to do still.

    • So true! I see those early pictures and I think, Wow. It’s astonishing I didn’t turn around and head back north!

      Looking forward to Maine and the Whites!

  3. I love the menacing beauty of those icicles.

  4. And pitching a tent in that was no picnic. ;D But now that I’m looking at the photos in the July heat, I’m loving them.

  5. Ryan

    Karma, you are totally inspiring me! It’s Ryan again, from the train dining car on your way to the start line. The merger I was going down there to work on is still chugging along, and while it’s been a good year I feel like almost nothing has happened in my world since our only meeting, while you are growing and learning and really achieving something. You have become my go-to cocktail party story – a real-life reality show we are all lucky to watch.

    Great decision to flip, and I wonder if I would have the same decisiveness you found. I think your ability to relax and just let it happen have really served you well. And a word about the writing: lovely. OK, more than one word: you’re doing a great job of evoking the sights and sounds (even smells), and your pacing and the brevity of the entries even suggests an editor, when I know you don’t have one out there. With a couple of faux-dramatic additions (Karma fights off mountain lion, saves terrified Boy Scouts huddling in shelter?) this could be a movie, and it certainly ought to be a book. Looking forward to picking your adventure back up when you do, and I hope you enjoy a few days at home.

  6. Thanks, Ryan! I’m sorry you’re still immersed in paper and pixels. But happy 4th!

    I’m an editor by trade, so when I have time to play around I tend to streamline. You know, they’re working on an AT movie (based on “A Walk in the Woods”—a comedic sort of memoir–slash–buddy story). It’s been in the works for a while, but this time it sounds like there’s real movement. Should be interesting! Could be good! Could be… bad. ;D


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