I’m in Maine! Eleven hours of fighting vacation traffic, and three more hours tomorrow.

Thank you, kind Mr. Policeman, for giving me a warning instead of a ticket when I was speeding while I was lost and looking for a hotel! I had no idea I was going that fast. Strange car, and my feet were in I-95 mode.

I-95, I’m happy to report, is as insane as ever. But Maine is so beautiful! It’s great to be back here.


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24 thoughts on “Maine

  1. U go girl!!!

  2. Those Maine troopers don’t mess around! 🙂

    Live it up, my friend….and kick that trail’s ass.

    • He was super nice. 🙂 It’s funny, on the drive up I was thinking about how Diana always got a speeing ticket at the residencies. Then BAM! Flashing lights!

  3. Eileen Drummy

    Good work! You are on your way.

  4. Ryan


  5. Marge

    Ahhh, Karma is back. Got a little carried away with wanting to increase your speed, eh?!! You will be SOBO soon enough!! God speed.

    • After ten hours on I-95, my lead foot didn’t get the memo that we were back on real roads! I’ll be watching that now, you’d better believe it! 😉

  6. Shari wb

    Drive safe!

  7. Love you!

  8. Not a bad ride during crazy traffic time !!

  9. Good luck on the next leg of your journey! Oh and on the trail too 🙂

  10. Ginny Henninger

    Good luck – be safe.

  11. Blackbird

    No rain, no pain, no brain!111!1!!

  12. Val

    Hi Karma! Great site you have here. I am thoroughly enjoying it and your pictures bring the adventure to life. I had exchanged a few e-mails w/Sisu (fellow thru-hiker for 2014) and he led me to your journal.
    It gets me very pumped up for my hike to see how much of the trail you have done! You WILL see that whole trail……I can tell you have the inner-drive it takes. Val..2014

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