Day 136: The searchers

Stratton, Maine

Stratton’s been picked clean. The Power Bar boxes? Empty. No bug spray. No Wet Ones (or only the big canister; maybe I’ll buy a canister and dry them out). Limited Cliff Bars. No travel-size toothpaste; not sure what to do about that one, since it’s a continuing issue. I’ve refilled my tube before, and tossed the rest of the big tube, but it seems like such a waste of money. No tissues. I can use toilet paper to blow my nose; they’re a luxury item anyway.

I did get batteries for the battery-eating headlamp. And I got a razor to shave my mooselike legs.

I’ll start sleeping with my batteries again. I have a little bag of stuff I sleep with under my shirt: headlamp, batteries, phone, phone charger, my glasses (so they don’t fog up when I put them on in the morning). If I had a stove, my fuel would be there, too.

Yonder said that resupply in Maine was challenging, and he was right. The grocery store here is more of a hopped up 7/11. And the ‘Cash Supply’ place sells mostly fishing lures and taxidermy supplies, and the proprietor seems to have no sense of humor at all: just a hard stare. The window is filled with dead animals, and those always freak me out a little. I want them to be padding through the woods and raising cubs.

I saw those lady twin hikers again today! I think they’re staying here. Surreal.

There are a lot of hikers in the hostel, mostly NOBOs I don’t know and at least one long section hiker named Worn Heel, who gave me a lot of info on the Whites. Also Hoosier, who started on March 2 or 3; we laughed over snow stories and frozen shoes. I think long sections are the way to do the trail, for me at least; go out for a month, take it slow, take a day to savor something cool. If I do another long trail, that’s the way I’ll do it.

Random thought: One of the disadvantages of flipping from Harpers Ferry is that you do the second longest state right after the longest state. I’ve still only got four states under my belt. If you wait and flip a little later, you can slam out four more states, which is a big psychological boost.

So. I slept reasonably well, then drank a boatload of coffee (my perpetual mistake, but I have no willpower) and had a great breakfast at the White Wolf Inn. Then I trotted down the street to the post office and checked out the gas station convenience store down there. I managed to fill in some of the resupply gaps, like a little tube of toothpaste, although I had to buy a new toothbrush with it. That’s actually not bad. Believe it or not, it’s so wet on the trail that they start to smell mildewey.

The town is full of searchers, I think. It’s hard to tell who’s a vacationer and who’s with the search teams. Right now there are a bunch of ATVs across the street. Tomorrow I’ll hike the same stretch of trail where Inchworm went missing, but tomorrow it’ll be packed with Maine Search and Rescue, using planes, dogs, and forest training to pick apart the woods.

I hope they find her! I hope a miracle happens!







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6 thoughts on “Day 136: The searchers

  1. Beth

    Hey Karma! Any idea where your next mail drop may be? I have hiker boxes already stocked for next April full of everything your missing, I would love to send you a box of goodies. Social media is full of the missing hiker, were praying for a miracle too. Pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  2. Shari wb

    Yes. I hope a miracle happens too!

    Like finding a lake in town to take a pic of! 🙂

    In all seriousness. Im praying mightily as I write.

  3. StrayNoMore

    I sincerely hope for a miracle for Inchworm everyday, even from my small world in Virginia. As I sorted through the news on Inchworm again this morning here is your face. You did good on camera and you were very well spoken. Stay safe!

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