Day 145: I’ll probably regret this in the morning

Andover, Maine

Well… I’m going to hate myself in the morning—or, more specifically. Wednesday morning. I just resupplied and I’m heading back out. Argh. What the hell is wrong with me? πŸ˜‰

This wasn’t the first close call and it won’t be the last. This whole adventure is minute-to-minute, I figure. And when I started the journal I wanted to stay honest, warts and all, so I’d have a record of what it was really, really like. I hope there aren’t too many warts!

On today’s wart menu… oh, who am I kidding? There aren’t any warts in towns. All the warts are out on the trail, waiting.

Andover really is tiny. And I mean tiny. Four buildings. The General Store has a limited selection of everything except candy and is expensive (roughly twice the usual cost). But the resupply was doable. This might have been another place to send a maildrop.

Oh, but remember Mufasa from Pearisburg, the German sister who was hiking with her brother Stinky Feet? She’s here! But she’s here because her maildrop didn’t arrive! Stinky Feet already summitted and went home to Germany. Mufasa’s visa lasts until October, so she’s headed to San Diego after the hike.

Tomorrow I might drive around with David while he does his shuttle rounds. Sounds good to me: a tour of what’s coming from somebody local.

And that’s that!

Oh, something I’ve been meaning to mention. Emperor has a blog! It’s here! And NotYet and Billy have a blog. It’s here!

Strong hikers, and good SOBOs. πŸ™‚




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33 thoughts on “Day 145: I’ll probably regret this in the morning

  1. Glad to hear you’re sticking it out!! Love reading your blog, you are an amazing writer.

    • Thanks! I wish I were a better hiker! πŸ˜‰

      • I think you’re doing pretty well for yourself! You’ve been on the trail for a 145 days and you haven’t burned the AT down or anything. I hope I can say the same thing if I make it that far next year!

      • That’s another advantage of going stoveless! πŸ˜‰

  2. Bill

    You are a better hiker than almost all of us readers who are sitting on our butts reading this. You are out there. Keep it up

  3. Lisa Milstead

    Bill’s right, You are a better hiker than all of us readers! Keep on truckin’ ( or hiking rather) Peace and love πŸ™‚

  4. Beth

    You’re going on!!! Yea! I knew you would. That whole “never quit on a rainy day” thing works for most things in life but seems to be a thru-hikers motto. You are a fierce hiker and we puny mortals are in awe. You kicked Maines ass and visa versa, Maine must remain where God put it, you get to leave it behind to warm dry places. We pray for easy climbs, dry trails and lots of magic. Good on you Karma!

    • If I survive Mahoosuc, I’ll be in New Hampshire next Friday or Saturday. I CAN’T WAIT! =D

      • Val

        I can not WAIT to see your write up about the Mahoosuc Notch!! That will be some good readin’.
        I look forward, so much, to your entries. You have quite the way with the pen! πŸ™‚
        Kokopelli 2014

      • Should be Saturday, I hope! Weather permitting!

  5. Blackbird

    141 trail miles to Glencliff. Fourteen days of walking.

    • Three weeks, when you add in the zeroes. And DONE!

      • Blackbird

        Three five-day weeks of walking plus zeros, so yeah. But. Fourteen days of walking, which will become increasingly nicer.

  6. Yes, you keep going! Thanks. You help me get through my work day and get me stoked for next year. I’m glad you’re keeping it real whether it sucks or is great. Its been rainy and cool here in Maine. We are with you in spirit at least. Keep steppin’

  7. You go girl! πŸ™‚

    Feel free to change your mind as much as you need to in order to get the satisfaction that you need out of this journey.

  8. Shari wb

    Woohoo!! You are a rock!
    Rock solid my friend.


  9. What they all said. You have already done an awesome job, and if you finish the trail, or the bit of it you want to finish, it will just be treble awesome. I’ve not figured out what double awesome is.

    But whether you stop, or go, it will be the right decision.

  10. Anne Pavone

    I love your honesty.. That’s one if the reasons your blog is so compelling. OK, you keep walking, I’ll keep reading. To be rigorously honest, I’ll be glad when you’re done, whenever it is, because I tend to be nervous. But that’s my problem, not yours! Do whatever your spirit guides. πŸ™‚

    • I’m nervous, too! =D But what can you do? Sometimes I just say the Serenity Prayer over and over and over, like when I was fording that last stream.

      One thing I’m NOT is any kind of adrenaline junkie. My idea of good adrenaline is when Ben and Jerry’s comes out with a new flavor.

  11. Hahah love it. Is that a lawn mower in one of the pictures? Looks Andover enough. Keep at it, karma! You’ve gone too far to give up now. There are good days and the tougher days, but at the end we will look back and love it all! You are in our prayers everyday! Can’t wait to meet emporer. He better be as cool as you make him out to be. πŸ˜›

    • And this is the hardest part of the trail! It’ll start getting less brutal after the Whites, right? Right!

  12. Marge

    Trudge that road to happy destiny, Karma! You have a collective safety net in all of us. NOTHING can stop you! Rock on! Oops….bad choice of words!!

    • LOL! Thanks, Marge!

      As long as I remember that it’s trudging the road OF happy destiny rather than TO happy destiny, I do OK. One day at a time!

  13. “Never quit on a rainy day”, I’m sure to need that advise next year. Glad to hear you are still there.

    • They say ‘Never quit on a bad day,’ too! I say, ‘If you’re thinking of quitting, take two zeroes.’ =D

      Not even ‘if.’ Rather, ‘when.’

  14. Patty Wykes

    love you karma,

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