Day 146: Lazy rain

Andover, Maine

What’s to report?


It’s pouring rain and this little house is full of hikers! So many! And one bathroom! I try to plan my bodily functions for minimal impact on the hostel organism that we hiker parasites form.

The proprietor, David, dung-jeweler extraordinaire, took me on a lovely, rainy tour of the environs. There’s a McDonalds 20 miles away! And a Walmart! I looked into getting a fleece, but all they had was cotton (and cotton kills!), and the weight would have been just too much. I’ll suck it up. The week is supposed to be substantially warmer anyway.

Andover has the Lovejoy covered bridge. So pretty! In keeping with the tradition of grabbing terrible pictures of myself near bridges, I asked David to take one. Thanks, David!

Also, two mysteries solved. I blew up that mystery bird about thirty times, and got it identified by a local: it’s a grouse. Also, the reason the water is black is because of the dead leaves. I guess they reach a certain stage of decomposition then winter comes. So they’re always down there. Liquid compost water!

My shuttle leaves at 8:00 AM. I should be back on the trail at 9:00. There are two mountains tomorrow, and one hairy-looking descent: a loss of 1000 feet of elevation in four tenths of a mile. That’s probably a sliding board.

But I’m planning a very short day to ease back in.

Maine. Can’t live with it, can’t shoot it!

I’m ready to climb me some rocks.







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11 thoughts on “Day 146: Lazy rain

  1. Marge

    You go girl!!! xoxo

  2. Well, that zero was worth the price of admission! There’s a whole book chapter you could write on moose dung jewelry as a metaphor for Maine. It may be shxt, but it sure is beautiful shxt. 🙂 Godspeed, and can’t wait for your next adventure.

  3. Lisa Milstead

    Glad you have had a good rest. You got this!

  4. Beth

    Beautiful pictures! Safe journeys….

  5. So it was a grouse after all. You and I should get a job identifying objects in blurry pictures. Think of all the convenience store robberies that could be solved.

  6. Shari wb

    It was sooo good to see your pic. Im glad you have that tradition.

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