Day 154: Whiteout

Gorham, New Hampshire

So sorry for the recent photo overload. There’s so much beauty! I’m having trouble restraining myself.

Supplies? Check. Pack packed? Check. Outfitter (such as it is)? Check.
And tomorrow it’s into the next bit of legendary terror: The Whites. I’m trying not to overthink it, while still thinking about it to exactly the degree I need.


But that’s tomorrow. Today I had a lovely breakfast and an enormous amount of coffee (as usual). Then the innkeeper’s mom drove us to the post office and the outfitter. I sent my Neoair home; I’ve switched over to my slightly wider Exped. Same R value, but better for this terrain, I think. My gear hasn’t been precisely right since I hit Maine. (And today Herc ribbed me for having a sleeping pad fetish. I can’t say he’s wrong, lol. Sleep is my luxury item.)

The outfitter was tiny and combined with the town hardware store. I didn’t need any hardware (although god help me, I actually looked down the aisles). What I did need was fleece.

Because I flipped, I wasn’t able to follow my planned long-term strategy–ie, get the winter gear back at Glencliff, before the Whites. Then I was nervous about Katahdin, then the Hundred, then southern Maine and Mahoosuc… and you know, my Whites planning mechanism never really kicked in. Until yesterday. That’s when I realized, or decided, that I didn’t have enough warm clothes. I needed a fleece shirt and a heavier pair of socks to sleep in. I haven’t been above 5000 feet for a long time! I had to wrap my head around it again!

The little hardware store had both the fleece and the socks, so I guess it was exactly the right size after all. And a good thing, because it looks like I’m in for some rain tomorrow afternoon. Yay, Whites!

This afternoon I handled the rest of the prep work—packed up, sorted out the food. Some new hikers have arrived. I met the Professor back on the morning after the norovirus knocked me flat for 36 hours (although I didn’t mention that to him at the time; I was too exhausted to do anything but grunt, and I was actively trying to stay well away from other hikers). Then I met him again at Greasy Creek hostel.

I got pics of Jordana and of SOBOs Herc and Hobbit, who are here now. Yay!

And that’s been my whole afternoon. Sitting, eating, packing, eating, and staring at my book and map while nibbling the end of my pen. And eating. I actually feel like I’m getting fat. Too much food, not enough miles.

I’ll be glad to head out the door tomorrow. I want this part finished!








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6 thoughts on “Day 154: Whiteout

  1. Nice pic of Jordana. She’s been a fun hiker to follow. When I saw her in SNP, she was smokin’ the big miles. Fatty was with her then, but no mention of her for a long time.

  2. Marge

    You truly get what you need just when you need it. Not sooner or later, but WHEN! A Plan!! Good luck with the Whites, my friend. Can hardly wait to read your experiences. Lots ‘o prayers for all.

  3. Shari wb

    Please no apology for the pics. Send them on!!

    What a nice visit you’ve had…

  4. Slo & Because

    Hey there Karma: Yep, I am reading backwards to play some catchup. As always, thank you for sharing the pictures and experiences. Say hello to Jordana. She was smokin the trail at the beginning where we met her. We are so glad that she is still hiking too. Be well Karma.

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