Day 159: Oh, booger

Madison Hut

I don’t know the mileage, I can’t even find my pages with the mileage. Let’s just say I’m still on this side of Mt. Washington, sidelined by fog and my own stupidity. Well… actually, my own stupidity didn’t generate the fog. But I certainly managed to make the worst of a bad situation.

I made it two miles today with 5 to 10 feet visibility and winds that were gusting up to 60 to 70 mph. And I realized I was overmatched and headed for Madison Hut. Where I’m staying. A total of four miles, five hours, and none of them count.

Fog. The Fog. Remember that movie?

My stuff is saturated and dripping all over the nice hut floor because I let my tent leak like I wasn’t even using a rainfly. Some thru hikers continued, but they said it was only because they were going down, and they’d never try Mt. Washington in this kind of wind and (in)visibility—at least not alone. I’ve only met two thru hikers who said they were continuing over the summit today—Sasquatch and Slingshot. Their estimates seemed ambitious. I hope they’re OK.

And I hope tomorrow I can see the trail.




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5 thoughts on “Day 159: Oh, booger

  1. shari wb

    Glad you stopped!! We want you safe…

  2. Wow! Glad you decided to sit this one out.

  3. Ginny Henninger

    Looks eerie! Good idea to stop.

  4. Thanks for the pictures! The fog looks like a blanket over the landscape. Happy you took a break.

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