Day 167: Zero!

Lincoln, New Hampshire

I’ve never felt so lazy in… oh, the last time I felt lazy.

Ice cream consumed, sleep slept, laundry laundered, email emailed, errands erranded.

I have to pack and I don’t wanna! Can’t get a shuttle til 11:20 AM tomorrow, so there’s not much rush.

Minutes ago I poured a half-ounce of water out of my tent. This stuff will never dry!

Bought good mittens. Didn’t buy new pants. Sent 11 ounces of gear home.

Is boring excellent, or what? =D

Hitting the road for a short day tomorrow. Trailhead at noon, walk to the actual trail, and maybe ford some sort of stream because some bridge or other is washed out. Unless that was an old sign.

Here are some random lazy pictures. Cheddar!





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10 thoughts on “Day 167: Zero!

  1. Shari wb

    Glad you are zeroing! Lazy days…

  2. He’s not as vicious looking as I expected.

  3. Anne Pavone

    I have a lot of zero days.

  4. Blackbird

    Love that bear. Wait, BEAR!?
    Lincoln looks like a real par-tay town. 🙂

  5. Marge

    So what exaxtly do the moose tour? The White Mt. Bagel Co?!

  6. Blackbird

    The moose tour.
    At dusk only.
    It would be, wouldn’t it?!

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