Day 174: Time warp

Where were you at 3:32 this afternoon? Cause I was in the woods doing the time warp! It’s just a jump to the left…

OK, I’ve got almost no battery. Here’s the rundown: Got up, got drenched, walked a bunch of miles! Didn’t take many pics because of the rain. Lost a water bottle!

I’m stealthed… I have no idea. I’m guessing 6 to 7 miles from town.

And that’s all the juice I’ve got! Hopefully I’ll be recharged tomorrow night… from Vermont!







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7 thoughts on “Day 174: Time warp

  1. Derek Vreeland

    I see you have earbuds in one of your pictures. Is music helping your hike?

    • It IS! It’s getting me through the tesious bits! Having to conserve the battery is tough, though.

      • Derek Vreeland

        So what’s on your iPod? Are you a rocker or a folkie or are you down with the hip-hop scene? Ha. “Down with the hip-hop scene” makes me sound too white!

      • I’m unclassified!

  2. I hope the Lyme – Dorch Ester Rd is not named for the disease.

  3. Shari wb

    Glad you checked in with us!!

  4. Marge

    You look very happy, my friend. What a Miracle you are!

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