With extreme chagrin, I have an announcement. After having left my phone charging cable and brick in Harpers Ferry, I’ve apparently NOT learned from my mistakes, and I left the brick part in Hanover. D’oh!

Upshot: I have to nurse this charge until I get to a town with a CVS or RiteAid or something. I think that’s a couple of weeks, but I have to check the book. I’ll be offline for the most part (checking email and texts once or twice per day, if I have a strong and immediate signal).

The Trail must want me to be doing more walking. 😉

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5 thoughts on “PSA

  1. Damn! A Karma diet. So sorry. Hike strong.

  2. Shari wb

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Ill be thinking of you! Xoxoxoxo

  3. Hang in there Karma! You can do it! You are on the last leg of your awesome journey, heading home to Pennsylvania. ~~Flame

  4. Anne Pavone

    If you tell me a mail drop, I’ll send you one. Otherwise, I’ll worry. 🙂

  5. Beth


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