Day 178: In which some walking is done

Stony Brook Shelter [mile 1496.7; SOBO 478.3]

Wow. Tomorrow’s 1500 miles! That’s a huge milestone!

Does it feel like 1500 came pretty fast after 1400? The hike is speeding up; getting down to the long grinding finish.

This air mattress has GOT to go. It pitches me off. I can’t take it! But I’m thinking Bennington for shoes, and I can’t wait that long for a new bed. It’s a dilemma. I’ll check the outfitter in Rutland. If they have an Xtherm, then problem solved. I’m thinking they won’t, though; nobody else has, including REI.

The tent zipper is still acting very temperamental. Most times, it won’t open. Sometimes it opens like a charm. I don’t want to buy a new tent or fly with only 60 days left. I hope I can baby it along, and if I can’t, well… I’ll figure something out. Still adapting, eh? šŸ™‚

So. The day! I put that stuff up there because the day was boring and I had nothing to say. That doesn’t usually stop me, though, right?

It rained last night! What a surprise! I packed up wet and walked through the woods. Vermont continues to be up and down, but today had plenty of wide, flat trail, too. It was a miracle! In fact, the trail was so smooth that I finally put away the poles; they were slowing me down.

It was chilly today. Gray with occasional spots of blue, but no outright sun. I’m hoping it doesn’t rain tonight.

Three salamanders!

Also, another ridiculous picture of me on a bridge. Note the fabulous baggies on my feet. Hiker trash gaiters. That was my last pair of dry socks and my shoes are soaked. Soaked! I wanted to maintain the illusion of unwet. It kind of worked.

Tomorrow: Oh, who the hell knows. Walking, then a bus, then Rutland, I hope. And a new cube thingie for the phone.








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11 thoughts on “Day 178: In which some walking is done

  1. You’re sounding so much more upbeat – and making miles. Three cheers for Karma!

  2. Those gaiters are kind of a look.

  3. Marge

    Seems like you have been to a Stony Brook “shelter” in your past, eh?!! You know Vermont is lucky to have you!!!

  4. Lisa Milstead

    So glad you are sounding more upbeat, as jimfetig said! I like the plastic bag look. Reminds me of winter as a kid- putting out feet into bread bags to help ward off the wet snow!

    • Right!! I used to do it a lot in March and April to keep my feet from freezing, literally.

      One frozen shoe event was more than enough.

  5. shari wb

    Oh Gosh I miss that smile!

    Who would have thought “only 60 days” to go!!!???

    You are a rock my friend. A solid rock!

  6. Eileen

    Good work
    Try some soap on the zzipper teeth if sticking is a problem. It worked great for sled runners

    • I did the soap thing and it did work great! But only for a day, and now the thing’s just entirely broken. It won’t close at all. But I’ve got some adaptations in place.

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