Day 179: 1500

Rutland, Vermont

This was an unexpected side trip. I needed a new phone thingie (that’s the technical term), and I was reminded that I really need to treat my stuff with permethrin again, which more or less requires a zero. And there’s the air mattress issue—the outfitter is two miles away, which, let me tell you, does not thrill me. But that’s an aside. Anyway, busy day tomorrow. That’s a lot of stuff jammed into a day, considering that I’m actually a bus ride away from town. But that’s tomorrow!

Today I was up before dawn and packing up in the dark. It was cold! I’ve got a rhythm down, though—an order to things. I pack up in the same sequence most days, right down to pulling up the tent stakes in the same order (then counting them). It takes me an hour and fifteen minutes from the time I put on my glasses until I’m on the trail—fifteen extra minutes if it’s really cold, and sometimes thirty extra if it’s really wet. I’ve done it in an hour, but it was warmer then. Easier to motivate.

Upshot: I can do it in the dark!

I hit the trail at 6:30 or so. I climbed and climbed and hiked and hiked, and made some miles. The day was brisk and breezy, but mostly sunny. The trail had a lot of rocks today, and a lot of the sometimes steep, rolling ups and downs I’m coming to associate with Vermont.

No wildlife. Lots of dayhikers, though. And they were from all over the world, judging by the variety of accents. One group took a picture, bless their hearts: ‘Crazy American Walked 1500 Miles and Stinks Like a Bloated Dead Rat in a Sewer.’ New trail name.

I did use the internet for good! I crossed paths with an elderly German gentleman who couldn’t speak much English beyond ‘shelter’ and ‘far.’ He was trying to figure out how far it was to the next shelter (where I stayed last night). It wasn’t close. I could see what his problem is, and I happened to have a signal, so I converted the eight miles to kilometers and showed him. “Is far!” he said. Yes, my German friend. Is far.

It’s sort of traditional to do something to commemorate the big numbers—500, 1000, etc. But… you know, I forgot. And I’m not going to write it on the shower floor in shampoo or anything. I walked the miles, and that’s enough.

I’m hiking better now than I was 1500 miles ago, but I still fell on my rear end today (slipped on some scree). It’s one day at a time!

Now… what to do about that stupid air mattress so I can actually sleep on it until I can replace it….








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15 thoughts on “Day 179: 1500

  1. Birch. (Ann Kerwood)

    Karma you are cruising now. You will be in Mass before you know it. I really want to pay it forward and provide you with some trail magic. Give me a call when you get to Bennington. I am willing to pick you up when you get to North Adams/Williamstown. Email me and I will send you my cell #.

  2. Marge

    Congrats on the 1500!! Spectacular work! As a kid, I use to snow ski in Killington. The sign brought back good, but cold, memories! Continue to love, love, love all your pics. Doing a great job, Karma!

  3. jack Kerwood Rome GA

    Agree with Hiker Birch, “You are rolling home now” Birch’s Dad Rome GA

  4. Ryan

    You’re killing it! And I’m continuing to love the entries! Hope you are as thrilled with your progress as I am.


  5. Hey, I hiked 12 miles of flat, sandy, dry, 68 degree weather this weekend. I’ve got nothing on you! You’re doing great!

    • I should be hiking where you’re hiking! =D

      • I’d much rather be on the AT. I’m in South Jersey hiking the pines. I know you have family following and commenting, but I want you to know you are entertaining and motivating other people who read your blog as well. Thanks! The Frog

      • Ooh, the Pine Barrens! Tick central!

        We’re neighbors! I’m northwest of Philly. =D Not, of course, at the moment.

      • Ticks were fine this time, but chiggers! I hate those little buggers. Try like 15-20 itchy bites on the legs. Not fun. Take care!

  6. Congrats on 1500! If it makes you feel any better I just got back from an overnight hike. Today there was only a 10% chance of rain, of course it poured on me for the 10 miles from where I camped back to the jeep. Keep up the great work! Your blog is really keeping me focused on training for my thru hike attempt next year. Thanks!

  7. shari wb

    I wanna go sit on that dock far in the lake. Just sit out here in all that space… beautiful…. serene…

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