Day 180: Rutland is sort of glorious

Rutland, Vermont

I had somebody try to buy my backup P-style this morning. But No! I said. First of all, never again will I run the risk of not having my most bestest piece of gear! And second, how do you know I haven’t used it? Which would be yuck. Only I’ve finally met someone even more blase than I am. “I could just bleach it,” she shrugged. LOL.

And that was over breakfast.

I had breakfast with a great group of section hikers: Jerney, Traildog (I hope I got that name right! I just spaced out!), and Raleigh. Raleigh stayed at Pine Ellis before, so we shared some stories. And Jerney and Traildog are relative newlyweds. Congratulations!

After breakfast, I took the bus (bus! civilization!) down to Rutland and took care of as many of my errands as possible. I dumped some weight at the post office, resupplied, etc, etc. And I bought an orange hat at Walmart, so my head is safe from hunters.

Rutland is a great little town! I don’t even know if it qualifies as a town; we might be in small city territory. There are three drugstores, a Wendy’s, and a MacDonalds all within a few blocks of downtown. Lots of little shops and things. A coffee place.

The weather was fairly nasty. Being hiker trash, I wore my sandals and stuffed my socks into my hip pack so I could preserve their just-washed freshness a day longer. Not that they get all that fresh anymore. Once the socks turn, baby, they’re undead forever.

It was a good day to be inside. The sun did come out eventually, but it’s cold. Tonight it’ll be 31 down here, with freeze warnings. Tomorrow night, only slightly warmer, and I’ll be at elevation. Que sera sera! But there’s allegedly going to be dry weather for the next few days. I hope hope hope! Cold is bad enough. Cold and wet makes me use harsh(er) language.

I played with my tent zipper and it definitely seems to be a lubrication issue.

What else? Baggie creep! The number of baggies in my pack had crept up. I had to dump weight, so I ruthlessly debaggied.

And that’s it! I’d like to come back here for my birthday one year, in early January. Or around Christmas time.

I’d also like to hike the Long Trail, but that’s a whole other can of worms.











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7 thoughts on “Day 180: Rutland is sort of glorious

  1. Jen

    Hi Karma,

    Did you get a chance to visit the Yellow Deli while in Rutland? Very hiker friendly, and good food! Emperor and I visited during his 4 day sabbatical in Rutland.

    Congrats on making 1,500, and stay safe the rest of the way.


    • I didn’t get a chance. Time was tight!

      Emperor was here for four days? Is he OK? I get way behind on reading journals because I never have a signal!

  2. Nice to hear from you on a more regular basis. Hope it lasts.

    • Me, too! I think I’m getting into the more populated zone where the towns are closer to the trail, so I can get service and charge up more regularly.

      Wilderness. What it needs is more amenities!

  3. Marge

    Do you ever see any sunsets or sunrises? Are you too embeded and stealthed?! Or, too rainy and foggy? I just realized all these gorgeous pics and hardly a sunset or rise. Just wondering.

    • I wrote a big giant response, but the ether ate it!

      I post sunrise pics sometimes, but without a time stamp it wouldn’t be evident that that’s what they were. The trees are the issue: even on a sunny day, the sky is usually full of leaves. And the phone gets confused if I mix light and dark, so sometimes I’ll see a sunrise but I can’t get a good picture of it. Sunsets are rare, though; I’m usually asleep.

      My favorite night on the trail was Max Patch. I got great shots of both the sunrise AND the sunset.

  4. shari wb

    Ya, that is more of a small city!

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