Day 191: Massachusetts

North Adams, Massachusetts

I never really knew how hard Massachusetts is to spell. Those Massachusetts spelling bee kids—they must be tough!

So here I am. The highlight of the day was a visit from the amazing Javelin! Javelin is a ’13er who got off the trail early for medical reasons, but he’s been a trail angel throughout my hike. He sent me his phone charger when I started to use the phone for everything. He sent me Aqua Mira when I was drinking brown water in the Hundred. You’ve been a great friend, Javelin. Thank you! I hope you make it back to the trail!

So I got up before dark. Ironically, last night I slept fairly well; it must have been warmer last night. At about dawn I hit the trail, and I was booking. I wanted that package of delicious, delicious warmth.

At 8:34, I crossed the state line. Goodbye, Vermont! Hello, Massachusetts!

At first the terrain was similiar. If anything, Mass was prettier because of the brook that rambled next to the trail. And almost immediately there was less mud.

The weather was overcast and cool… gray as Paul Revere’s silver. Eventually the ground took a turn for the rougher. I came to a long descent of rock that reminded me of Pennsylvania.

Remember how I joked once that I’d seen every critter except a porcupine? Well, don’t you know, halfway down that boulder scramble I saw something flicker out to the right.

It was a porcupine.

I kid you not. An actual, living, breathing porcupine! The thing is… we don’t have wild porcupines in Philadelphia. Moose, bear… I’d done a little research and had some prior experience. But I knew nothing about porcupines. Let me share my ignorance!

I thought porcupines were the size of… well, squirrels. Ha! Turns out they’re huge! Bigger than fat cats! They have black faces and they look a little like baboons. And lest you think I stumbled onto an escaped baboon, I used the camera’s fake zoom to get a pic (I’ll insert the fake zoom and also the Where’s Waldo version below). I wasn’t sure how close I could get or even whether they shoot from the front or the back; I declined to take any chances.

After the porcupinage, I went another couple of miles and met Javelin, who hiked up to meet me. He drove me into town where I picked up my raging box of warmth (thanks, Javelin; and thank you, my brother!). Javelin and I had a fantastic lunch, then I found a place to hole up and charge up, and here I am.

No laundry, alas, so I’ll be hitting the trail stinky in the morning. But that’s OK. My priority is to move my feet!

I’m on a deadline. Can you hear the clock ticking? When push comes to shove, I may be the last ’13er standing.












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17 thoughts on “Day 191: Massachusetts

  1. Lisa Milstead

    Nice! and ayup, that’s a porcupine! Glad you didn’t experience his quills.

  2. Beth

    They can chuck them across state lines! Glad the pictures are back, Bern likes the pretty pictures , the big words confuse him. Congrats on getting thru Vermont! Be careful of them scary critters.

  3. The pics work!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!


  4. Marge

    1600!! Do you remember saying that it might be only 6 days?!! Yup, baboon-like face. Didn’t know that. You are like my very own combined Discovery, Travel, Animal Planet Network Channels!! I really missed not getting your pics from those last Vermud days. I can feel the “heading towards home” excitement in your writing. Btw, here’s a celebratory shout out from RSL!! We will miss you and mention you on this “special Thursday!” Keep it up, Karma! One blessed day at a time! God bless

  5. Anne Pavone

    Great pics, esp the last day of Vermont. every time you get to a new state, I have to look at an AT map.

  6. He is a very baboon looking thing. I worked all week and went on a 2 day hike this weekend. Glad to see all is well and you can be warm again!!! Congrats on 1600!! Keep on keeping on!

  7. shari wb

    Yay warmth!

    And Yay a bridge picture! πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

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