Day 206: Beast

Morgan Stewart Shelter [mile 1770.7; SOBO 752.3]

Today I paid the price for yesterday. I just can’t seem to do any runs of big miles; everytime I get a bunch of miles, I have a whiplash effect the next day.

I got up sluggishly—-at the regular time, but it took me a half-hour longer to hit the trail. Immediately the trail started to climb. And climb. And climb. I know it must have come down between the climbs, but it felt like all I did today was climb hills. That, and scramble over rocks.

And here we are. Short day. I’m so tired! Tomorrow looks rough, too. I hope I do better.

Nodding off now. Better quit while I’m ahead….








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4 thoughts on “Day 206: Beast

  1. Shari wb

    You have come so far since Katahdin!!!
    Wow! Love that sign.

    Hope you slept well and woke rested!

  2. near the Taconic State Parkway and Poughkeepsie not far over the CT line, right? I saw my first ever white blaze in this section last Dec or Jan.

    keep on keepin’ on, my friend.

    I love that you’re doing this and so deeply regret leaving the trail. 😦

    • That video of you with your first white blaze was so adorable! I hope you get back to it. The trail misses you!

  3. Donna

    Glad you don’t have to go back to Springer Mt.!!!

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