Day 213: Whipped

Greenwood Lake, New York [mile 1838.8; SOBO 820.4]

The last few days have been beating me to death, particularly my feet and ankles. I was trying to hold off until Pennsylvania before taking another zero, but I think my body needs a rest. So I’m holed up in Greenwood Lake tonight and tomorrow. I’ll have to figure out how to make up the time.

I’m also exhausted. Which means the day’s already foggy.

I woke up to a moon like a big golden silver dollar. The trail today was infinitely better than it has been. Parts of the day were pure hiker superhighway, and I made some miles there. Other parts were rocky like Baldpate—as Bryson says, climbing the backs of whales.

It was a bright sunny weekend day, and there were plenty of dayhikers out enjoying it. I stopped at a hot dog stand at lunchtime and a Camel-smoking bicyclist with a Bud in his pocket paid for my hot dogs. That’s trail magic! OK, it was a little odd; but magical!

When I got down into town, the streets were choked with kids in costume. Halloween! Apparently it was a local street fair. Today all the businesses gave out candy to trick-or-treaters. There was a parade at 4:30, and tonight… the haunted trail! You know, the kind of attraction where costumed actors jump out to scare you. Honey, my days are filled with haunted trail.

Let me tell you: coming down from the trail into that was surreal. And overwhelming. I felt like I was in the USO scene from Apocalypse Now.

And that was the day. I’m holed up here for a zero tomorrow. I hope I can score some laundry! Preferably my own.









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8 thoughts on “Day 213: Whipped

  1. Karen

    Keep truckin’!!!

  2. Shari wb

    Those are some big a@@ rocks!!
    You are awesome.
    Enjoy your zero. You deserve it!

  3. Get some rest!

  4. Hi Karma! I am absolutely in awe of you for plugging along so steadily. Your photos are wonderful! What a great time to be out in the woods!

    • Somebody doing trail magic in Virginia told me the only thing that can stop your hike is to stop walking. So I just keep walking. =D

  5. I am glad you are still walking and blogging. Keep it up.

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