Day 228: Hamburger!

Hamburg, Pennsylvania [mile 1990.6; SOBO 972.2]

You know… I’ve been running like a bat out of hell since 5:00 AM, which was actually 4:00 AM, and this entry is the last job on my to-do list, and I really need to rest a little. So… abbreviated chunks of random stuff!

Woke up unarrested. It was freezing cold! Actually, I didn’t sleep much, what with the fear of jail and the fact that my unstealthy site was on a rock that kept digging into my hip.

The sun came out an hour earlier. I hit the trail at 6:26. The sun was bright but the wind was terrible, like a flock of pirhana. I was freezing all morning.

I humped it ten miles to Route 61, then walked on the shoulder to Town. That was hairy, like walking on the shoulder of the Schuylkill expressway. Tomorrow, I think I’ll take the side trail out of town.

I went to Cabelas and bought a new orange hat and an orange buff, and some permethrin for tick protection.

Hey! My hotel room is exactly the same as the one in Gatlinburg, home of the ice-storm Smokies disaster!

I never thought I’d ever, ever say this… but if I never see another Oreo, I’d be fine with that. Totally sick of them.

Dinner: three Greek yogurts and a bazzilion Tostitos with salsa.

As of today: 195 miles to go. I broke the 200 mark!

And you know what mark I crack tomorrow?

2000 miles.

That’s a LOT of shoe leather.




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19 thoughts on “Day 228: Hamburger!

  1. You are kicking ass, Karma!

  2. I am so excited for you! You have worked so hard to this point. Less than 200 is incredible!! Stay safe.

  3. Marge Figun

    This is really happening to you. Oh my, my butterflies just had butterflies. I could not be any prouder to know you and be a good friend. I am a good friend, right? Did you leave the snakeskin out there?!! Stay alert and safe.

    • You’re a great friend! I left the snakeskin. It was old and very fragile. And not mine to move! (Except to get a picture.)

  4. You are so close to the end! I am happy for you but sorta sad knowing your adventure is comin to an end. Your blog has been such a fantastic ride for those of following you from our temperature controlled homes. Ha! Congrats on conquering the Knife’s Edge and stealth camping. 🙂

  5. Looking forward to seeing you in couple of weeks!

  6. Shari wb

    Unbelievable job!

    We went hiking yesterday for five miles and I wondered if i could do at least twice that for days and days on end.

    You are a solid rock my friend!!

  7. Karma, you are my hero! Determination, persistence, fortitude, and all with a great sense of humor! It took me just shy of seven months to thru-hike the A.T. and I thought it would never end. I am traveling along with you in spirit and sending you encouraging vibes each step of the way. Enjoy these last few miles on the A.T.! Your adventure is almost over. ~~Flame

  8. Donna

    WOW…-200! You have been amazing. Love the familiar road signs. Glad you found another orange hat. Be safe and warm, you’re only a hop, skip and a few jumps away from HOME!!!

  9. You are doing it! So amazed and so happy for you! Something so special about this journey….and you.

  10. Slo & Because

    You are one very tuff cookie. On the entire travel, what hiking was the most challenging and why. I really would like to know your up opinion. Enjoy your homecoming. We are thinking of you.

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