Out of order, but here it is. some other flipflopper was here first!


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19 thoughts on “2000

  1. Shari wb

    WOOT! Unbelievable.

  2. Red

    What a fantastic accomplishment. I have been lurking throughout your whole trip. You have my admiration both for the hike and your eloquence in sharing it with all of us tucked safely at home.

    • Red! I hope you had a great experience with Long Crew!

      I sent in a crew app, so we’ll seemhow that goes. I hope I can bring you coffee or something in August!

  3. awesome!! wow!

  4. Marge

    Omg…omg…omg!! Way to go, you extrodinary human being! You exude Trail Magic!! The Universe, or at least the AT part of it(!), continues to use you as an Instrument for me, and I have a feeling there are many, many others, to grow and learn and love and believe and get re-acquainted with, how we are all connected to the trees and the stars and the the water and wind and yes, even porcupines!!! God bless! You are loved!

  5. Big milestone!!! Only a little left to go!!! Almost makes me sad that your journey is going to come to an end soon!!!

  6. Anne Pavone

    So dies that mean they flipped at exactly the same place you did? I.e. harpers ferry? Am I thinking right? Cause they would have to have the same number of NOBO and SOBO miles as you do in the exact same spot ?

  7. Anne Pavone

    How many miles total? 2185 ?

  8. Blackbird

    Those porkies did look like monkeys, didn’t they!

  9. Beth

    Where in the world is Karma, in San Diego?

    Three days is a long time to go for us arm chair hikers….

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