Day 238: Brrrrr

Unstealthing [mile 2095.5; SOBO 1077.1]

That place I stayed last night was a little wacky—packs outside (which I detest), and a late breakfast. In retrospect, I should have said no thanks on the breakfast, but it all turned out OK. I had to shuttle my gear down in piles and pack it up outside (20-something degrees!), and I ended up with a very late start. But there I was! What can you do? Sometimes you eat the trail, sometimes the trail eats you.

OK, mostly the trail eats you.

This was a cold day. Cold as in little piles of snow at the bases of the trees at 1:00 in the afternoon. Cold as in ice in curled leaves like little teacups. And tonight’s supposed to be frigid, but I’m already warm in my puffiness. Tonight I’ll give the mattress a few pumps right before lights-out. (The mat’s fine, by the way; I checked it overnight.)

On the way out of town this morning I stuck my head into the Appalachian Trail Conservancy regional headquarters just to say thank you to them. On the way out, I promptly tripped down the single step outside the door. D’oh! Short time! Everything feels jinx-worthy!

The first couple of miles were more flatlands and cornfields, which I love! But then the trail remembered it was supposed to be in the mountains, and the rest of the day was a series of hard ups and hard downs while the wind blew ferociously. I fell once—skidded on leaves on a downhill slope. It was all OK, though. Phew.

There were rock mazes today. On a warm summer day near the halfway point, those probably would have been fun. Today, in the cold, with my full boatload of food, I just looked at the rocks and said, “Really, trail? Rock mazes? Really?” They were still amusing, though; just a little bit of ruggedness.

The day was sunny, too, which was a blessing. At least it looked warm!

One milestone: The halfway point of the original trail. That was pretty cool!

And that’s that. I’m boring today. No cows, no Doylesque horror. Just rocks and snow and walking.

Tomorrow: Walking! (And, knock wood, my last hundred-mile milestone.)










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9 thoughts on “Day 238: Brrrrr

  1. Lisa Milstead

    I am so excited for you that you are a short-timer! I could cry!

  2. EarthTone

    I had business today in Carlisle and decided to come look for you after. I guess I jumped ahead a little as I was looking in the Tagg Run Shelter area. Oh well, it was a good little hike for me on this blustery day. I don’t think I will be able to get to the museum in the next few days when it looks like you will be passing through, so I’m going to have to ask for a rain check on the personal tour. It isn’t such a long drive from Philly to Pine Grove Furnace. I was really hoping to run into you today and take you over to the grist mill.

    Keep on Hiking,
    AT Museum Manager

  3. jim beauchamp

    You are getting there! Easy to hurry but time is not limiting, only conditions, and you will outlast them. We’ll certainly miss the contact when you’ve completed this hike but will certainly look for updates on what comes next in your life. It’s been quite a journey. And thanks to you, it’s been quite a journey for us too. We congratulate you on every step of the way.

    AND if ever you head for Texas for a Javelin visit, I hope we’ll be included! We are only two blocks away.

    Be PROUD of all that you have accomplished. You’ve earned the right!

  4. Marge Figun

    I can only imagine….. through your observations, descriptions and sharing that with so many of us non-hikers….what it must be starting to feel like for you. And there is no jynx here, knowing you still have a few miles left. But you are one helluva woman, my friend. I am sooo excited for you. Seems like yesterday you were just describing to this nonhiker what a P-style was!! My life is so much better for having you in it. You’ve been the student AND the teacher, and get an A+ for both. Stay focused. God bless.

  5. Slo & Because

    Congratulations Karma! I remember just being proud of my very first 100 of the trail in Franklin,Georgia!

  6. Shari wb

    Snow… Where did the summer go?

    Ditto what the others said. Bittersweet

  7. Are you home yet?! We are waiting!

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