Day 240: Michaux Forest

Quarry Gap Shelter [mile 2123.0; SOBO 1105.5]

I usually don’t title journal entries with geographical names unless it’s some landmark situation. Today, though, I’m completely out of clever. These final days, particularly the post-traumatic cold, are just draining me. Do I look drained? Yes, I do! Pale and drainy.

Random: There are some things that I may never eat again, ever. Oreos. Cheese. Raisins. Chocolate chip cookies. Snickers. Nuts, especially peanuts. Clif Bars. Honestly, even the sight of a Clif Bar is starting to make my tummy flutter. Eight months of Oreos and Clif Bars. You know what would be repulsive? An Oreo-flavored Clif Bar.

So. I woke up early. My tent was frozen again, but not the water bottles. It’s the condensation; it wets the fly, the temp drops, and the fly freezes.

One more week! I can manage one more week!

I hit the trail at 6:26, and the day was unrelentingly… boring. Sad to say. A section hiker chided me yesterday for wearing headphones out here. I was like, “Dude, after 2100 miles the headphones are the only things keeping my head from exploding.” It’s just like the Oreos. Eventually you can get too much of even good things.

I walked all day, and the scenery didn’t change much. Michaux has some ups and downs. The trail had some rocky bits, but overall it was the same sort of hiker superhighway I’ve been seeing lately. Which is EXCELLENT. But I didn’t even take many pictures.

The sky was wan November, but there was no wind! Also excellent.

At the end of the day I got to this shelter… and woah. Creepy! There are flowerpots and decorations! It’s clean and wholesome! It’s nicer than my house! The tenting area was platforms, though. Platforms are cold, and I’m trying to work out this issue with my air mattress. So I decided to take a chance and sleep in the Stepford Shelter.

Chances don’t tend to work out. Two guys have showed up, and I’m not alone. They offered me whiskey. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll try not to make too much noise when I pack out at the crack of dawn. They just asked me if they were going to be famous in my journal, lol. No, friendly hikers. Not very famous, I’m afraid.

And that’s it! Basically… I got nothin’.







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19 thoughts on “Day 240: Michaux Forest

  1. That is a fancy shelter! Not much farther yo go! So happy and proud for you!!

  2. Shari wb

    Soon Sister, soon!!!

  3. Trashbag

    I want you to know I am very proud of you. You are amazing. 1 more week. I will be following your journal. I will celebrate with you in my heart in harpers

    Trashbag (in case you forgot we met in Virginia in the tree streets bed and breakfast with the African couple and at the restaurant in the shenandoahs with your friends)

    • Trashbag! Of course I remember you! I think of you and Codger a lot—especially lately, going theough these rocky sections. How’s the arm?

      I can’t wait to be finished!

      (And those guys were a hoot. Springbok and Kitty.)

  4. Red

    Reading your posts is the highlight of my day. I will be so glad to meet you, hopefully next August!

    • Can’t wait to see you live and in person!

      I actually spotted you at Triangle last year (not this past one, obviously), but you were talking with folks and I didn’t want to interrupt.

      August is just around the corner! 🙂

  5. Marge

    Your “nothin” is my big somethin!! I love that you are still living in the day, when you only have a week left. Can hardly wait to see you, my friend. Stay alert. stay alive.

  6. Wow! one week left!! You’re amazing. Thank you for keeping us all updated on your journey 🙂

  7. Beth

    Hey Karma, I’m filling the hiker boxes with lots of hot hands and feet now for the 2014ers, Only a week? Amazing. Stay as warm as you can, we’re here till the end with ya.

  8. Blackbird

    Cliff Bars, blech!

  9. eileen

    Guess I won’t bring Oreo coookies to Thanksgiving… I used to bring them to Aunt Fran who loved them, If there is anything you would like after the cheering when I see you, let me know. So glad it is almost the end. You get an A++ for your blog entries. So cleverly written so if you are out of brilliance, who cares?

  10. It’s so exciting that you’re almost done. keep the posts coming. We wait for them. How are getting home from Harpers Ferry?

  11. Mary Pariseau

    The big countdown to the end begins. Yay!!!! So glad that I have been along for your adventure. Enjoy your last few days. 🙂

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