Day 247: C’est fini




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49 thoughts on “Day 247: C’est fini

  1. Dale

    Glad to hear you completed your journey. I enjoyed following your adventure, your comments and pictures. Enjoy your Holidays

  2. Beth

    What a ride! Huge congratulations on an amazing life journey. We are gonna miss your posts. If you manage that lottery thing we want pictures of your Sherpa. Thanks again for letting us tag along. Beth and Bernie.

    • You need to give out Sherpas with your trail magic!

      I’m going to miss your pixels. You guys were one of the highlights of my whole hike!

  3. milkman

    Congratulations Karma. It has been so wonderful to follow along. I’m gonna miss you on the trail. Surely you will write more. Please write more. I want to know what you felt. What was it like walking up to the Consevancy? What were you thinking. Please write. more. Write a book. You write so well. You have a unique way of injecting humor with seriousness. I think you could have a book better than Bryson. Again, from the bottom of my heart, congratulations!. You have touched my inner soul more than you will ever know. Thank you for that. I only wish we could have met. Maybe one day we will.
    Sincerely and with respect,.
    BobbyJo Sargent
    aka milkman

  4. Marge Figun


  5. Congratulations!

    You are amazing.

  6. Graig

    first time poster long time follower…….. Read your every post and thank you for taking the time to bring us along! Huge congrats on an amazing accomplishment Karma!!

  7. Jill

    A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!! You have me all pumped and ready to head out in March! Now, go get on those comfy jammies and snuggle in your warm bed for a LONG TIME!!! get some rest. Thanks for sharing your journey ~~~ Kokopelli

  8. Bill

    Yay yay yay. You did it Karma. All 2185 miles by yourself. Unbelievable. Thank you for taking us along on your journey.

    • Thanks for coming WITH me! Honestly, it would have been too lonely without this journal and all the comments and support.

  9. Codger and trash bag

    We are so proud of you, you are allsome.

  10. Congratulations!

  11. Soon to see you! Well done. So proud!

  12. Steve Stewart

    Congratulations!!!!! I have followed your blog all the way and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Please keep posting about your entry back to the daily grind. Thanks for all your work keeping the blog up to date.

  13. Red

    Congratulations! You are an inspiration in so many ways. See you in August.

  14. Karma,
    Congratulations on your accomplishment! I’ve not commented before, but I’ve enjoyed following your posts so much. Your journal has been such an entertaining read. I agree with milkman, you should definitely write a book. I would love to meet you someday!
    Train Wreck

    • Train Wreck! What a great trail name!

      It’s been such a long strange trip. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed some of the craziness with me!

  15. Congrats, Kama! I’ve really enjoyed virtually accompanying you on your hike and will really really miss your beautiful photos of the trail. Good luck!

  16. Congratulations!!!!!!! 😀

  17. Mike Brown

    You came, you saw, you conquered! Robert Earl Keen’s song says “the road goes on forever and the party never ends”. You are a part of the AT and the AT is forever a part of you. thanks for sharing the road and the party.

  18. HOBO

    Hip, hip, hooray!!! YOU “rock” (haha – get it). Seriously, I have such respect for you hiking your own hike! I hope our paths will cross again in the future – we can compare trail injuries:) You are officially a thru hiker – revel in it!!! ~ Hobo


    I am in AWE!!!. Thank you for taking me on your journey. I have truly enjoyed it.

  20. jack/snorz

    Congratulations! Now you can have all the coffee,anytime,anywhere.

  21. Congratulations! Living vicariously through you has been fantastic. Frak that guy that laughed at you! I can only hope the 14’ers after you can satiate my hunger for the trail as well as your blog has. 🙂

  22. Flame to Karma,
    Yippee! Yippee Skippy! Wahoo! Stupendous! Extraordinary and more——————-

  23. Lisa Milstead

    So proud of you! And I agree with milkman! (long time no talk 😦 ) Write more- like a book 100x better than Brysons!

  24. EarthTone

    And thus I update my last marker on the map I use to track you great people. Congrats!
    Don’t forget that rain check on visiting the AT Museum. I will be your personal guide when you come.

    Take care and keep spreading that good Karma

    • I’m going to come out this spring. Looking forward to it, in fact! I’m gonna try to get together a road trip with people! =D

  25. Eileen

    Thanks for the trip. Even though I may never see the AT, I am privileged to have traveled by journal with you. Congratulations

  26. Donna

    Sooooo happy for you. You “rocked” this magical AT tour! Can’t wait for a live interview.

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