I realize I was a little… abrupt, yesterday. Let me tell you: Yesterday was so enormous that it stole all the words from my brain. So enormous.

I’ll probably do a couple of follow-up posts after I’ve had time to process a bit: yesterday in detail, reentry stuff, and maybe, maybe, some sort of gear post mortem.

But feel free not to read! The shouting, after all, is finished. 🙂

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40 thoughts on “Follow-up

  1. jim beauchamp

    To the contrary. It’s all over BUT the shouting! We salute you! Big time.

  2. It was enormous for us as well, your loyal group of readers. Please, please do keep us in your loop as your next journey begins. The trail is the trail, of course, but it is also its effect on the life that comes after with which we are all so curious…..I had just been wondering how leaky those damn pipes were and in what condition your home welcomed you. Was it petulant and acting out to have been ignored?
    Anyway, the photos spoke the story. Hope the blaze adorns a prominent spot in your home for many years…….

  3. Dale

    Go Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Russelle

    I just wanted to say that I’ve been following your blog since the beginning. I look forward to the updates and even love when 6 come in at the same time! I grab a coffee, curl up on the couch, and feel like I’m reading another chapter of a very well written book. I’m going to really miss your trail updates and hope that you continue to update everyone and how you acclimating back to “normal” life.

  5. Bill

    Welcome back to the normal,mundane world of going to work, paying bills, raking leaves, doing laundry etc. When you have decompressed please write some more in detail. We all really did enjoy the ride.

  6. Congratulations! Thanks so much for sharing your adventure!

  7. Lisa Milstead

    I’ll miss looking forward to your updates and reading them! Enjoy your new off-trail life!

  8. Pop Pop

    Congratulations. Seems like a long time since we were hiking along together in NC and you’ve been at it the whole time. Hoping that you feel good about yourself. This is something that no one can ever take from you. Pop Pop

    • Pop Pop! I was wondering how you’s done and if you’d finished! So great to hear from you! 🙂

      Slow and steady got it done!

  9. Jayne Smith

    Wow, what will I read whilst eating my breakfast now? Can’t you do a back to back, or set off in the direction of the Pacific Crest or something? Huge congratulations, a truly awesome achievement for one woman to do on her own a day at a time. Good luck with the lottery, would be lovely in you could go for a walk in New Zealand sometime.

  10. Tom Humphries

    Hey Karma, I’m happy for you. You truly hiked your hike- I’m amazed you started when my brother, Maine Man, started back in March. Truth be told, if I were to try a thru, it would probaly take a long time, too. I admire your endurance! Pyro (Flame’s spouse)

  11. Derek Vreeland

    I am interested in your gear reviews if you feel so inclined to share. My brother and I and some friends are doing the Georgia section next June and any tips would be helpful. First thing I have turned from you is don’t smoke for 20 years. Got it! Anything else you want to share in a future blog will only help us on our very short section hike.

    • You’ll have a blast!

      I know for a fact that there’s better gear available now than there was when I was gearing up.

  12. Red

    I figured yesterday had to be an overwhelming experience. I look forward to whatever you share. Like so many I have enjoyed your posts and will miss seeing them. If you ever consolidate the experience into a book I will be in line to buy it. Thank you.

    • It really was overwhelming. The only thing that came close to it was the morning I walked down the line at dawn to touch those Michigan gates for the first time. Magic!

  13. Can you blog about your everyday, mundane life? I’ll read it!

  14. jack Kerwood Rome GA

    Since Birch’s started in 2007 We have selected a half dozen or so hikers to follow every March. Some leave the trail and are replaced with new ones . Some we learn about from hikers we are following. Some get dropped because they can not tell a story. You Karma are a story teller. Until now I thought no one would top Gator Gump the Diner owner from Florida who hiked a few years back. Yours has been the most interesting Journal I have followed yet. You should think about that offer to write a book. Thanks again for bringing us along. Hiker Birch’s Dad Rome GA

    • Gator Gump! LOL! I remember reading all the WB stuff about him last year when his book came out! He sounds like a funny guy.

      I’m so glad you were along for the trudging! 🙂

  15. Blackbird

    Screw this front country kabuki dance.
    GO for the flip-flop yo-yo hike!
    (ducks) Just kidding!

  16. Tony Knapp


  17. Isel

    Congrats! I met Broken Candle today near Raven Rocks. He’s still worried about those Smokies!
    Glad doing a search for him let me to your blog. Now to read backward.

  18. I am still shouting!

  19. Awesome! Congrats! That was EPIC! When I would get into town I would always check your journal and have Hobo or Two Socks or Canadian Bacon and Zenmaster laughing in minutes! We could all relate to what you were going through and you were so good at telling it as it is. Now that I’m home your journal has made me feel like I was still part of the trail. Now what am I going to do? I guess I will just have to wait for your book 🙂 You are an amazing person, thank you for sharing so much of yourself online for the world to see!

    • You guys were my favorite group of hikers. I wish I’d been faster!

      You know what? We had a TERRIBLE year, and we still did it, and it was awesome beyond belief. I’m so happy to have met you and Melkie!

      What an excellent adventure. 🙂

  20. Congrats!! I can’t believe it’s done. While I know you were ready to be done, the selfish part of me wants you to keep hiking and blogging for a few more thousand miles. 😉 I want to thank you again for letting us all tag along with you! I agree with everyone else, when you get settled back in again, you should seriously consider a book. I hope the “real” welcomes you back gently. I’m going to end up having to push my attempt back to 2015 due to a legal battle, but when I do hit the trail, (and you best believe I will, I was in tears when I got informed that this legal crap I’m involved in was pushed back from June to Aug.) you will be one of my inspirations!!

    Best of luck! Oh, if you win the lottery and go to New Zealand, make sure you win enough to hire a sherpa!

    • Oh, no. I’m so sorry about the delay! I hope things go smoothly and you’re even better prepared when you do get out there!

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