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Well… I inadvertently just cross-posted something from my fiction blog to my trail blog. What the hell. I’ll let it stand. It’s true, after all; and the fiction blog is an embryonic little thing. 🙂

But in hiking news, odds are looking good that I’ll be visiting the Greyson Highlands in June to see… PONIES! Unless they all hide, in which case I’ll know it’s some psychic smell I’m exuding.

I’m slowly getting my front-country life in order and trying to figure out how I can possibly get to the PCT in less than a decade. I still haven’t managed to get through my pictures or my journal. I’ve gained about half my weight back, so I’m currently somewhere between skeletal and pudgy.

I’ve also been enjoying my gear post mortem. I destroyed much of my gear by beating it to death over months, so there are big-ticket items that need replacing before I can get out there again. (And the leaking roof, the car, the taxes, the other miscellany of a year of neglect have sucked away my resources, but hopefully I’ve got that lassoed now.)

With my REI dividend I bought a Gossamer Gear Mariposa pack, and I’m loving it. It fits my body much better than my ULA Circuit (although it’s hard to know whether the issue with the Circuit was a result of 8 months of destruction; I can’t remember how the Circuit felt when it was new).

I think I fixed the zipper on my tent, so I’ll stick with that for this year.

I’m saving for new shoes. Better shoes! Also, I’m trying to whittle my base pack weight down to 10 pounds. I don’t think I can manage it until I can switch out the tent and the sleeping bag for lighter versions, but I think I can get down to 11 and change.

And so it goes. Onward! I’m enjoying following the 14ers — and particularly, I’m reading PCT journals at the moment. Carrot Quinn is my new hero.

Happy hiking!

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The big… it breaks my brain

I’m working hard, but I feel like I’m working wrong. The thing gets ahead of me, expands well beyond my capacity to understand it all. It crushes me with the vastness of it, the pressure, like a black hole or the deep deep sea. I think I’ve quit at this point before. This time, though, I’ll keep slogging and see where it goes. (Thank you, Appalachian Trail.)

The only way past it is through it.

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