Well… I inadvertently just cross-posted something from my fiction blog to my trail blog. What the hell. I’ll let it stand. It’s true, after all; and the fiction blog is an embryonic little thing. πŸ™‚

But in hiking news, odds are looking good that I’ll be visiting the Greyson Highlands in June to see… PONIES! Unless they all hide, in which case I’ll know it’s some psychic smell I’m exuding.

I’m slowly getting my front-country life in order and trying to figure out how I can possibly get to the PCT in less than a decade. I still haven’t managed to get through my pictures or my journal. I’ve gained about half my weight back, so I’m currently somewhere between skeletal and pudgy.

I’ve also been enjoying my gear post mortem. I destroyed much of my gear by beating it to death over months, so there are big-ticket items that need replacing before I can get out there again. (And the leaking roof, the car, the taxes, the other miscellany of a year of neglect have sucked away my resources, but hopefully I’ve got that lassoed now.)

With my REI dividend I bought a Gossamer Gear Mariposa pack, and I’m loving it. It fits my body much better than my ULA Circuit (although it’s hard to know whether the issue with the Circuit was a result of 8 months of destruction; I can’t remember how the Circuit felt when it was new).

I think I fixed the zipper on my tent, so I’ll stick with that for this year.

I’m saving for new shoes. Better shoes! Also, I’m trying to whittle my base pack weight down to 10 pounds. I don’t think I can manage it until I can switch out the tent and the sleeping bag for lighter versions, but I think I can get down to 11 and change.

And so it goes. Onward! I’m enjoying following the 14ers — and particularly, I’m reading PCT journals at the moment. Carrot Quinn is my new hero.

Happy hiking!

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21 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Fun seeing this!

  2. wvevie

    I always enjoy your posts. My brother-in-law, nephews and I hiked the loop from Massie Gap, Scales, Pine Mtn Trail to Rhodedendron Gap and back along Wilburn Ridge to Massie Gap again last fall. Loved the ponies. My b-i-l is doing it again Memorial Day weekend. Have fun!

  3. Hi Karma
    I’m at the NOC mile 137. I have no idea where the ponies are or if I will be there in June. But maybe we’ll meet on the trail.

  4. Beth

    Not only do I hope the ponies lick the skin right off you, I hope so cute ass porcupine plays with you too. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  5. Hey Karma, we started this fb page after returning home this year. If you indulge in fb, join us. It’s soooo much fun.

  6. Oddly enough I was thinking about how I hadn’t seen a post from you in awhile, while I was doing a short day hike before work this evening. Now I come home and there it is! Glad to hear you,re doing well!

  7. yesrushgen

    Hi Karma!

    I really enjoyed reading about your 2013 journey on the A.T! When I began thinking about attempting a thru hike, I started following blogs about it. I followed yours, Jordana’s and Hufflepuff’s blogs from the class of 2013.

    I am in the class of 2015 and am well underway in preparation and gear acquisition. I take my first “shakedown trip” this May in the Shenandoahs – 60ish miles over 5 days. (Hopefully!)

    My blog is at wanderingjourneys.net/at2015 if you are interested. I have to say, though, you’ve set the bar pretty high for any aspiring AT-thru-hiker’s attempt at blogging!

    Congratulations on your achievement – and good luck in your PCT endeavor!


    • Hi, Kelly! I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog! πŸ™‚ Jordana and I were bunkmates at the Hiker Hostel and started the same day.

      You’re in for the time of your life! Enjoy the preparation and the excitement!

      • yesrushgen

        That’s cool – I also recall you met back up with her in the Vermont/New Hampshire section after you’d flipped.

        Can I ask a tech question – what app or solution did you employee for typing blog posts while offline?


      • I used the regular WordPress app in airplane mode and saved the posts to draft, then uploaded the posts and photos when I got to town and had wifi. I had to futz with the photos a bit, especially after Apple updated the iOS while I was in Vermont! But eventually I got a system down. It was very functional. I was happy with it. πŸ™‚

  8. Late to the game, but catching on up your blog. I love your voice… very fun and full of love for life.

  9. Thinking of you…Teddy The Adorable Porcupine

  10. Hello Karma,
    I have just finished reading your entire journal. It came highly recommended from Jim Fetig. And I loved reading it. I’m think Jim mentioned that you hiked part of the PCT this year. Did you blog about this adventure? I would love to read about it of you did. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

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