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Greetings from the wilderness!

Greetings from the wilderness!

Happy 2019! Sorry about the random, late post! Don’t worry; it’s just a one-time thing (mostly to get the word out to friends whose email addresses I’ve managed to lose during various computer moves). 🙂

Fingers crossed, I’ll be back on the AT on March 19 for (hopefully) thru-hike no. 2. Redemption Tour, lol. I won’t be doing a full blog — just brief daily progress reports and a couple of pictures. Kind of like Instagram, but with less Insta. 🙂 That’s the plan, anyway. (I tried doing voice notes for the Sierra last year, and that just sucked. I never did finish that journal, come to think of it. Transposing was onerous. And I’d just gotten to a juicy bit, too. Live and learn! Maybe I’ll finish it someday. Or maybe I’ll go back and start from the beginning again, in Campo, to get all fresh juicy bits.)

If you’re inclined to come along, I’ll be posting here: (Assuming it doesn’t all fall through at the last minute, which would be so very, very, very sad.)

Just wanted to get the word out. And this journal can now go back to sleep for another 5 years. 🙂

Be well, hobbits!

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